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How to Write a Reflection Paper On An Article

A reflection paper is a fairly common type of essay that students of educational institutions often have to write. It must be academically correct, in accordance with generally accepted norms, but, at the same time, be deeply personal. This particular kind of essay aims to “challenge the student to an open conversation”, honestly analyze and reflect on how this or that article or book influenced his/her thoughts on the subject. To understand how to create a really high-quality reflection paper, you should familiarize yourself with the information provided below.

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How to Write a College Resume

Many applicants are racking their brains about how to make a college resume that good to attract the trained eye of admission officers. After all, an effective CV can be the decisive factor that will allow you to receive a letter marked “accepted”. At its core, a college bio is an easy-to-read summary of what you accomplished in high school. In addition to its direct purpose (to emphasize your highest achievements), it is obliged to show such personal character traits as decisiveness, initiative, readiness to “play in a team” and help your neighbor.

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How to Write a Response Paper to a Book

How to accomplish brilliantly a response writing to a book? This question is asked by all students who have been given a task to describe their impressions of a particular literary work. As a rule, this involves the student’s independent work, which they need to pass in the format of a response paper. Therefore, today we will analyze how to write this specific type of essay – a response paper to a book.

Prior to proceeding to the actual guide, everyone who intends to start working on this research piece must be aware that there should be present the first-person active voice writing style. It’s important!

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Strategies on Improving Digital Intelligence

digital intelligance

Today, we live in an era of technological progress. It’s inevitably involved in all spheres of human activity, including learning. Multiple technological applications, software, devices, etc. sufficiently enhance the productivity of learning and teaching. One of the main aspects of the use of technology in education is digital intelligence. This is a set of technical, cognitive, and other competencies that are based on the moral values of people that help to face different challenges in digital life. In other words, it’s the ability to transform virtual life into real life. Accordingly, digital intelligence is important for students. We’ll review effective strategies that help to improve digital intelligence for students.

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EdTech and E-Learning Development Trends in 2020

elearning trends

Technology is tightly related to the educational sector. Both industries are of huge importance and interest to millions of people throughout the globe. Their effective combination helps to reach incredible results for educators and learners. Besides, different businesses associate their future success and progress thanks to e-learning. Therefore, we’ll highlight the main trends of EdTech and E-learning in 2020.

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