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Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson Comparison Essay

Compare And Contrast The Life And Poetry Of Edgar Allan Poe And Emily Dickinson
Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson are both famous writers whose lives greatly contributed to their style of poetry writing. Edgar Poe lost his parents at a tender age of three. Later in life he struggled with alcoholism and depression due to loneliness, which formed the basis of her poetry themes. Emily Dickinson was alone writer who rarely left his home and had no visitors. Poe’s poems are characterized by a common theme of horror because he focused on bringing out the poetic effect of structure and style. Dickinson’s poems were based on the theme of loneliness, domestic lifestyle and sentimentalism. Her poems were characterized by her upbringing lifestyle and the England seventeenth century the metaphysical poems. The two poets works were similar because their poems reflected upon their lifestyle, however, they contrasted whereby Poes poems were based on the theme of horror while Dickinson’s poems reflected about the traditional lifestyle that existed at the time.

Emily Dickinson’s poems characterized by at least one or more themes such as death, nature, religion, eternity or love. Dickinson’s poems have varied themes combination or unique poetic voices. Her poems have a great sense of meditation such as There’s a certain Slant of Ligh.. I know that He exists is a poem whose main theme is skeptism. I’m Nobody! Who are you? And Papa above are characterized by embarrassing poetic appeal (Pollack 30). Dickinson’s poetic style was unique that all of her poems exhibit no form of linear development and liner punctuation hence her earlier poems are equally excellent as her later poems (MacNeil614). Dickinson is writing style is characterized by lack of punctual at the end of the line hence creating enjambments that form full stanzas. Her love for dashes a creates hiatus at end or midline (Juhasz 50) Some critics perceive that Dickinson’s works defy convention because they were written during the 19th century when most of the works by women lacked themes and form.

Edgar Allan Poe was a reserved poet who wrote gothic poems using a supernatural style that enhanced the melodramatic within his works (Meyer 78). Poe’s poems are characterized by a musical effect of words to the reader’s emotion as in the poem The Raven. Poe’s poems are characterized by a gloomy and threading tone. His poems lean towards tradition while maintaining gothic aspects with melodramatic, strange or evil happenings (Lovercraft 46). Poe’s horror and lack of love themes are believed to have been his personal reflection according to the lonely life that he lived. The theme of death is attributed to his sorrows after he lost his parents at a very tender age of three.

Poe and Dickinson’s pomes were characterized by traditional writing styles and they all reflected upon the poet’s lonely lives. Both poets exhibited good poetic writing styles with a theme of death and lack of love. The pomes’ excellent writing style resulted in emotional poems. On the contrary, Poe was an excellent gothic poet whose poems are characterized by death, horror and uncertainty. Dickson’s poems are characterized by themes such as death, nature, religion, eternity or love although they were emotional but not horrific.

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