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"Why is Social Media Tough Competition for Other Media Types?"
Paper type: Essay
Academic level: Undergraduate 3-4
Discipline: Communications
Paper format: MLA
Sources: 3

Why is Social Media Tough Competition for Other Media Types?

Investing in technology is exceedingly helpful in our society today. It will ensure that the population is sustained for an extended period. Emerging trends in technology have helped in improving the livelihoods of the large population across the world.

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"Jurisdictional Vacuums"
Paper type: Essay
Academic level: Undergraduate 1-2
Discipline: Women's and gender studies
Paper format: APA
Sources: 4

Jurisdictional Vacuums

Gender-based violence severely affects all components of a woman's health—primarily sexual, reproductive, and mental health. Rape has become an epidemic in Indian reservations in the US and is considered to be particularly brutal.

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"Chapter 1: Harvard Business Review"
Paper type: Dissertation chapter
Academic level: Master's
Discipline: Marketing
Paper format: MLA
Sources: 2

Chapter 1: Harvard Business Review

Part I: Harvard Business Review: Article Summary
Pictures are usually highly effective, especially in presenting information like sales figures in an organization's annual report using bar graphs, or mapping plays when formulating a strategy in a basketball game, and mapping sales regions

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"Safety and Long Work Hours in Aviation"
Paper type: Research paper
Academic level: Undergraduate 1-2
Discipline: Aviation
Paper format: APA
Sources: 10

Safety and Long Work Hours in Aviation

The airline industry is growing rapidly. Technological progress reduced the cost of travel and allowed more people to enjoy this glamorous type of trip. At the same time, globalization forced a higher number of individuals to fly all over the world.

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