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The guarantees you get when ordering a custom letter

We understand that there are many writing agencies on the internet, and it is often hard to make a well-informed choice when there are so many options to select from. We want you to have the best letter writers for hire. Here are the guarantees we offer:

  • Free revisions

    Every client gets to ask for free fixes if their expert doesn't follow the instructions. If you ask for alterations that go against your original instructions, they won’t be a part of the free revision guarantee.

  • Money-back

    We have a money-back policy. If the custom letter isn’t ready on time or its quality doesn’t meet your requirements, you can receive a full or partial refund depending on the situation.

  • Safety and confidentiality

    Your money and personal information are kept completely safe throughout the process of our interaction. We use a safe payment gateway and never publicly disclose your personal data.

Professional custom letter writing at AdvancedWriters.com

How often are you asked to write custom letters as a part of your academic work? Probably not every day. However, there are situations when you have to do it: for example, as a part of the application for a scholarship. And when your tutors give you a task of this type, after all, it may come as a nasty surprise because you don’t have a great amount of training to pull it off successfully. That is why many students simply decide that the best course of action would be to go to a letter writing service and obtain a couple of examples to use for reference when they get stuck. If you are new to personal letter writing services, our article will serve as a guide for you. AdvancedWriters.com is just this kind of company – choose us, and you will be able to hire letter writers who have been professionally working in this industry for years.

What our letter writing help entails

When you resort to our assistance, you have your letter or essay written by highly skilled specialists used to successfully dealing with the most difficult, unusual and strange jobs of this type. AdvancedWriters.com is one of the best online agencies to hire letter writers when the success or failure of the assignment means a lot for your future college career. It is a personal letter writing service with years of experience. Here is what you get when placing an order with our professional letter writing service:

  • Only original writing. Any paper you buy from us isn’t just going to be good in terms of the quality of its writing but also written specifically for you and taking into account the peculiarities of your situation, without plagiarizing the work of other people;
  • You get a custom letter you can safely use for reference. Whether you are in doubt as to the specifics of formatting a letter accepted in your university or are simply interested in the best way to organize your thoughts, our writers will be able to help you;
  • You won’t have to pay more than is normally accepted for this kind of job. We know that students, especially those still in high school, usually don’t have plenty of money to spare, and organize our pricing policy accordingly.

We write all types of custom letters

Our literature review writing service can help you with any kind of letter. In particular, our writer can offer you professional online assistance with:

  • Friendly letter – a type of personal message written according to certain conventions (address, date, etc.). Being a personal message, it has freeform to a degree, but it still has to follow a certain structure.
  • Recommendation letter – in this letter, you evaluate (usually in a positive light) the skills, abilities, and other qualities of a certain person. A couple of these from previous employers usually accompany one’s job application.
  • Cover letter – a letter that typically accompanies other documents (e.g., a CV, a resume, and other papers you send when applying for a job). It is supposed to introduce the sender to the employer and provide additional proof that the applicant is suitable to become an employee of this company. Our team includes experienced cover letter writers for hire that can help you.
  • Thank you letter – these are sent when you want to express your appreciation for what somebody did. It may be either sent to a professional as praise for services or to a friend to express gratitude for a favor.
  • Job application letter – you send these when you apply for a job in a company. In it, you describe why you believe yourself to be suitable for the job opening and what skills you intend to bring to your potential employer.
  • Business letter – these are sent to business associates and constitute a normal means of communication in an entrepreneurial environment. This type of letter has a strict etiquette you should be careful to follow. We can assure you that you will be satisfied with our business letter writing services.
  • Personal letter – a letter between friends dealing with non-professional matters. It is mostly devoid of conventions, and the only thing you have to keep in mind is following the general rules of the English language.
  • Political letter – it is a letter addressed to a public figure aimed at expressing support, complaint or requesting a change in policies. Quite often, these are supposed to be only nominally addressed to the person in question and instead are published where they are expected to attract attention.
  • Love letter – not much demand for these in the age of texting, but don’t be too surprised if you have to write one as a part of your creative writing course. This type of letter doesn’t have many conventions and is usually evaluated by the emotional effect it has.

AdvancedWriters.com is a punctual resume and cover letter service

If you are serious about getting to graduation, you cannot do better than hire AdvancedWriters.com to assist you with your academic letter writing. Our employees love their job and can cover virtually any topics, no matter how difficult and unusual they are. Each of them has many years of experience writing letters, essays and other types of academic papers for students studying a wide variety of subjects. This means that if you follow our recommendation and hire us to help you, you are almost certain to find a specialist who has already written assignments very similar to custom letter writing you need – even if it is hard to believe right now.

Is it ethical to order a letter from AdvancedWriters.com?

The question of ethics with regard to ordering papers is like the question of how dangerous a knife is. In both cases, the answer depends on how you use it. As you can see above, our professional letter writers can provide you with all types of letters. We write them for you so that you can use our work as examples and create your own letters, but you can sometimes send our work directly to the person for whom it was written (if it’s not an academic assignment). All people may have strong, deep feelings, but not many of us are able to express them properly, especially in written form. In the end, it’s up to you to make corrections to the letters our professional letter writer service creates for you, or to ask us to make edits on your behalf. Remember that, in any case, your professional letter writer respects your privacy, and our service is completely confidential.

How to choose a letter writing service company: Top tips to get the best experts online

In today’s fast-paced world where technology has taken over most of the activities, being able to write a good letter can make you stand out among other people. Whether you're an expert in your craft or just getting started in the industry, being able to write a highly descriptive and engaging letter can help you open more doors to unimaginable opportunities. However, as with any other craft, writing skills are not easy to master. Such instances call for the need to hire professional writers. AdvancedWriters.com has done the work for you by bringing together experts in various disciplines. All you have to do is place an order and a writer will be assigned to help you write the letter.

When you’re looking for a company that can help you with personal or professional creative writing tasks, it’s essential to look at some service reviews. Reviews on the service’s site and on external sites can be very helpful for finding out if their writers are true professionals. When you want to get high-quality text for your note, card, or letter you’ll make handwritten, it’s useful to consider digital examples of orders, which services also often provide.

Benefits of working with an online letter writing service

Are you wondering why you should pay for a reference letter writing service? Here are the benefits of the online platforms and why you should pick one:

  1. Time-saving convenience. Composing a compelling letter can be time-consuming, especially if writing isn't your strong suit. With a letter writing service, you save valuable time while still receiving top-notch results. Therefore, you can consider using one such as AdvancedWriters to give you the best services through a team of professional writers.
  2. Customized services. Whether it's a formal business letter, a heartfelt personal message, or a persuasive cover letter, our writers tailor the content to match your intent perfectly. This is common across multiple letter writing services online.
  3. Confidentiality and privacy. Reputable companies prioritize confidentiality and ensure that your personal information remains secure, giving you peace of mind. Such is the case with AdvancedWriters.com, since the company operates in a highly secure environment. All communications are encrypted, giving you the chance to interact with the platform.
  4. Quick turnaround. Our writers understand the importance of meeting deadlines when handling recommendation letter writing service. They strive to deliver your letters promptly, ensuring that you never miss a critical date. If you’re looking to beat a deadline, you can rely on our website.

Build a brand with a recommendation letter from AdvancedWriters.com

Writing is more than putting your thoughts on paper. It gives you the chance to present yourself to the reader and build a personal brand as far as your career is concerned. Our professional writers understand this fact and are well-prepared to help you realize your dreams. Place an order today and experience the power of personal branding through expertly crafted letters.

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