Plagiarism-Free Guarantee

One of the main fears of students working with academic assistance services is a fear of plagiarism. Today, most teachers and professors in education institutions of all levels use plagiarism-detection programs. That is why students who used fragments or borrowed from sources without indicating them in their papers can face punishments and even get expelled from their college or university.

Our goal is to help you with your studies, and we want your cooperation with us to be efficient, as well as pleasant and safe. That is why our plagiarism-free guarantee is so important to us.

How Do We Do It?

The major asset of is your trust. To keep it at the highest level, we use our own plagiarism-detection software we can fully rely on. Our algorithms search for matches of our writers’ works with texts in open sources on the internet. Our software is also able to define:

  • even the slightest changes in sentence structure and word order
  • synonyms used instead of original wording
  • the replacement of active voice with passive and vice versa
  • the use of similar letters from other languages in order to disguise the stolen text

Free Revision in Case of Plagiarism Detection

If any suspicion arises concerning plagiarised fragments in your paper ordered at, contact us immediately! We will double-check all the quotes and references to make sure that we have added all the works cited to the bibliography. If the impossible happens and a case of plagiarism in your paper written by our writers appears, we will provide a refund. However, the plagiarism will be confirmed through valid evidence supplied by resources such as or by links to a source of plagiarism.

We are here to help you 24/7. Feel free to fill in the order form at any time of day or night.