Free Useful Resources for Students

Let’s admit it – techs make our lives easier, especially when it comes to the world of academia. With a set of gadgets, apps, and websites, high school, college, or university routine gets less hectic. From free useful tools to help you manage your time like a wise man to writing essays, research papers, news, presentations, and other assignments, there is a bunch of services, ebooks, and other benefits that the niche of technology has to offer. If you’re a student in need of educational essay writing or editing support, effective learning techniques, or a guide on how to manage time better, the software, sites, and apps below will save the day.

If you need help to make sure your next academic project is 100% free from plagiarism, go to The platform is used to scan all sorts of content to get a detailed plagiarism report that highlights the sections in the text that require some attention. The interface of the site is user-friendly and welcoming for both categories of users – beginners and advanced visitors. Plus, the online service supports various formats of documents that make it a useful and effective helper in the academy universe.


Grammarly is a popular tool among college students and professionals. It helps users with their prose by scanning docs to check punctuation, spelling, and grammar to discover all possible errors. Plus, Grammarly is an effective study partner when you need to check the writing clarity of your term paper, article, movie review, or any other doc. It’s important to mention that the service is configurable by the users, which means you can customize its suggestions for style, tone, etc. You’re welcome to use Grammarly, in two simple ways. The first one, the in-line checker, should be used in cases when users create a doc like Google Docs. You will see the Grammarly icon in the right corner of the page (at the bottom). The other option – new doc – is about getting your web browser involved. From the browser’s toolbar, users click the icon of Grammarly in order to create a new doc within the platform and scan it in real time.

If you’re on the lookout for a user-friendly and straightforward tech to check your college pieces, the list of available options on the web includes This easy-to-use cyber helper will scan your texts for grammar and spelling errors. The best thing about Spell Checker is that you can perform checks of your papers in a variety of languages and set your own preferences.

How about boosting your vocabulary through games and personalized learning activities? At, they have it all. It is one of the trusted resources that help undergrads hone literacy skills that are a cornerstone in the academic community, including speaking, writing, reading, listening, etc. You will find yourself entertained with engaging quizzes and games together with a huge database of words and their definitions. Students of any course and academic level can use Vocabulary to work on their vocabulary muscles using engaging definitions, explanations, and images of unknown words.

When in need of articles for your next science project or history lessons, the directory at will make you go wow. In a couple of clicks, you will find tons of info from a variety of publications, including newspapers, academic journals, magazines, or any other channel of materials that are free from plagiarism.

At, you will find all you need to make your college journey less challenging. The staff of the company has proficient knowledge and solid skills needed to help students with their projects. Being one of the top-rated companies in the custom-writing industry, Academic Help can save you precious time by dealing with the most urgent assignments. The best thing is that you can order any paper, from an article or blog post to reviews of books and dissertations. The niches that their professionals specialize in everything from history, literature, English, and sociology to physics, chemistry, and even programming. The service is also the go-to place for free samples of papers that you can use as proof of the company’s credibility and professionalism.

Khan Academy

Oh, Khan Academy is a treasure trove! On their way to their dream scholarships and careers, online students from all over the globe can enjoy the best academic experience at Khan Academy. This is where instructional videos, useful documentaries, practice exercises, and an interactive and personalized learning dashboard empower knowledge-seekers to achieve their goals in academia. If you’re tired of studying in a college class, the online academy is open for those on the lookout for lessons in art history, computing, science, math and many other disciplines. You have a unique chance to study at your own pace without being tied to the place or timeframes.


TED-ED is a student’s personal toolkit with a myriad of ideas from tutors, students, professors, and mentors who can change your perception of the world for good. These quick yet effective lessons make even the dullest college classes more engaging and help cultivate solid critical thinking skills on the most popular topics, from economic problems and social challenges to climate change and the most incredible phenomena in the fields of science.


Everything is simple at Research Gate. With a click at ResearchGate, you dive into the professional network for students, tutors, scientists, and researchers. This is an easy-to-use hub where you can share your papers, ask questions, receive answers from proficient individuals, as well as find some precious collaborations in your niche. By means of thousands of research projects available at ResearchGate, you get to communicate with researchers from all over the globe in all existing languages.

Harvard College Writing Center

Students in need of trusted resources are welcome at Harvard College Writing Center! From picking the right topic for a college paper to developing strong arguments and structuring papers, the Harvard College Writing Center is open for those who seek guidance from pro writing tutors. The source offers tutorials and workshops together with additional support through interactive sessions. Once you book your appointment at the center, you will have qualified tutors talk to you about your paper, the ideas and evidence you include, its structure, weaknesses, and strengths.


Being a Wikimedia Foundation project, Wikiversity is focused on providing undergrads with learning projects, resources, and research options that you can avail of at any stage of your educational voyage. From preschool students to university freshmen and seniors, Wikiversity is an open collaborative learning community that helps users globally achieve their academic goals. The platform offers free resources and a unique chance to get support from learners like you. The website is a multilingual hub, which means you’re not going to encounter such thing as a language barrier.

Google Scholar

When on the lookout for trusted sources, Google Scholar is a great tool to dig tons of useful materials for your next research project. Whether you attend school, college, or university, Google Scholar is the source to bookmark. The process of work is quite simple. Being a search engine like Google, Google Scholar is similar in use: just make sure to put in some keywords that are related to the topic of your paper and get a bunch of credible materials at your disposal.


What is Coursera? To put it simply, it is the platform that provides cyber learners with free Google career programs and Yale courses. The best thing about the site is that it offers a great assortment of short certificate programs, free courses, and even options for pursuing master’s degrees. Established by the computer science professors at Stanford University, Coursera will link you with more than 200 of the leading companies and universities on the planet. Ever thought about partnering with Princeton, Google, Penn, Yale, Stanford, and many other giants? Coursera is the answer. You’re welcome to use the free one-off courses like SUNY's How to Write a Resume and the Science of Well-Being from Yale. At the same time, you can go for longer options like a free crash course in Python programming given by Google. Together with a 7-day trial comes the price of $39-$49 per month. Longer programs are available as well.

Project Gutenberg

More than 70,000 free e-books are available at Project Gutenberg, making the digital source the oldest online library. Founded in 1971, today it is the oasis of digitized cultural works provided in various formats. Although most works are available in the English language, e-books and audiobooks in other languages are at your service too. Make sure to search and browse the required literature by author, language, title, subject, type, popularity, and so on.

Excel Easy

If you don’t use Excel, you’re most likely living in a cave. Being one of the most used software applications ever, Excel helps to deal with various types of data and cope with statistical, and financial calculations. If your Excel skills leave a lot to be desired, Excel Easy will guide you. You will discover all the functions and secrets of Excel for free.

One of the reasons why we should be thankful for the tech progress of the past is because it has provided us with some priceless support in the world of academic challenges. Sources like, Khan Academy, and other communities mentioned above help first-year and senior undergrads have the most positive learning experience, boost the quality of their prose and research skills, as well as get direct 24/7 access to a bag of knowledge that gurus in various niches share (as a rule, for free!). Whether you’re stuck with your book review, getting ready for an English test, or looking for effective techniques to improve your experience in the class, the list of tools in this article rocks.