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Top Good Hooks for Essay in 2020

Imagine a mousetrap, and think how mice dare to be caught. All is simple, something interesting, and tantalizing makes them want to discover it. This is a simple example of how the hook grabs someone’s attention. So, when composing an essay, it is important to prepare some tasty stuffing at the beginning of writing. Why beginning? Because people like to accept something at face value, they will read a few sentences and will come up with an idea if it is worth spending time reading it or consider it as a mediocre work.

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Essay Hook Examples: How to Prepare a Base?

Without preparation for writing an essay, it is possible to write it off as lost. A good hook is 50% of all the impressions. But, the other 50% is responsible for the rest of the content. First of all, let’s identify what approach to choose:

  • to write a hook before;
  • to write a hook after.

Nevertheless, there are many opinions about what is best, such a choice depends only on the writer’s preference. If you want to choose the first option, follow the next steps:

  1. Write an informative thesis. Some students think that hook is enough, but if following the educational standards, there should be an obligatory thesis. It deals with covering the main idea of a written speech. Think about how to explain it without spilling the beans of all the conducted research in your work.
  2. Decide on the hook by identifying the audience. For example, if the targeted audience who will listen to you is young students, do not waste the chance to say something mainstreamed or use the latest joke virused on the Internet.

If referring to writing it after the composition, follow the next advice:

  1. Reread your writing. For example, read your essay after finishing it, then again after a few hours, and then if it is possible the next day. Your mind will be cleared of unnecessary thoughts and words. And, there are more chances to find the best statement.
  2. Check the tone of the writing. If you managed to write a scientific-looking essay, do not play with the language. A hook should match the tone used in work. And, if you want to attach an anecdote, make it again look relevant to the language of the essay.

Beware, there is no golden mean between the two approaches, they are both useful. When you have spare time, try to experiment with both.

Hook Sentences: How to Find Inspiration and Learn to Write?

To not beat about the bush, let’s find out where to get inspiration for making catchy and argumentative hooks. For instance, choose one of the popular online vendors. Indicate that you are looking for a book, and see the results. Of course, the human brain works by observing the most colorful covers or reading only one single sentence in the introduction. But, this is how one hook sentence can lead to the purchase of one book.

Hook in Writing: Hints and Tips

Obviously, to make a creative hook, avoid plagiarism. So, after a student came across with the examples, it is advisable to take a nap or rest at least for a few hours. It will eliminate the events when he completely or partially copies what he had seen recently. Other hints are:

  • Imagine if you are a reader. Ask yourself. Are you interested in such a hook?
  • Does it deal with the content of the essay? Sometimes, to impress the public, students contrast the work with their friends’ examples. And, to succeed over them, they create statements that have nothing to do with the essay.
  • Ask your friends if they are interested in reading the essay?

Do not forget, these tips are mostly recommended for general essays, not for undergraduates who need to prove their gained knowledge.

What about the types of essays? There are narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and expository ones. The narrative is all about the real story, and it is written mostly using “I”. Descriptive has the main task of telling a deeper meaning of a story using a description. Persuasive, in turn, with the help of facts and logic, should make a reader accept the writer’s point of view. And, the last expository deals with subcategories such as contrast and compare essay, or a process essay.

What Are the Hook Sentence Examples to Use in 2020?

Let’s move from theory to practice. The best way to learn how to write it is to study the examples. Of course, at first, the only requirement is to select a topic. It should be a personal choice without stealing someone’s ideas. Then, it has to be interesting, for example, writing about the difference between rock and pop music even if a student belongs to a musical college is too boring.

Sending a text through a mobile phone or sending an email through the internet used to be a harmless way to communicate with friends and family when weekends became clogged with assignments and work. As technology advanced, so did the bullying. Bullies began to send threatening text messages, send harassing emails, and use the likes of social networking sites to torment, humiliate, embarrass, or target other students (Source Bartleby).
Here is a type of hook that only grabs readers’ attention and makes them think about if they personally bullied a person.

On Earth, mountains can’t grow much higher than Mount Everest (Source Live Science).
What about a piece of cogitation? Here is a question of whether it is a trick or a proven fact. A reader will at least be interested in finding out the basics.

A study says smooth-talking professors can lull students into thinking they’ve learned more than they actually have — potentially at the expense of active learning (Source Inside Higher Ed).
It works by provoking a desire to check it personally. The students who will listen to such an informational hook will check the relevance with their professors.

An outbreak of lung injuries among e-cigarette users across much of the United States has focused national attention on the potential dangers of vaping, prompting the federal government and some states to take policy steps in response (Source Pew Research Center).
Strong hook for the audience where there are vape smokers.

What Are the Common Catchy Hooks For Essay

Besides, it is never too late to start turning to different great hooks that are found most commonly in free papers posted online. But here is a warning. Do not overuse such phrases because they are better to be at the beginning of the writing only.


  • Once upon a time;
  • Statistics show that approximately 25 people out….;
  • The problem of…;
  • In 1929, there was…;
  • When I was a kid…;



If a first paragraph starts with such phrases, it will, of course, be no surprise to the reader. On the other hand, it will quickly explain the core of the essay and will give a full insight into what it is about.

Types of Hooks for Essays

The literature technologies went so far that there are hundreds of ways to find a kind of generator of hooks. But, to write it on your own, there is one more maker or designated creator that involves a description of the types of hooks. Check them out and decide which one to choose.

  • Question – It works by asking a reader, thus provoking his answer. For example, Have you ever thought that there is no end to the universe? It perfectly fits persuasive essays.
  • Regular Statement – just state any fact that can attract attention. Food in local fast foods is healthier compared to franchises. For narrative essays.
  • Metaphor – just compare your topic subject to something. Education is the best investment in the world. Expository and Narrative essays.
  • Story – tell the story relevant to the essay content. Once upon a time, there was only one type of government. Narrative essays.
  • Description – describe something vividly. The Roman Empire was mighty; thousands of warriors sought the ways to join their army. Descriptive essays.
  • Quotation – use a quote from a famous person. To be or not to be. Expository essays.

Now, it is high time to present a helpful list of the best helpers when facing obstacles while writing an essay.

Best Sources to Write A Hook For Essay

If using our global search engine, many websites and writing services are claiming to offer custom essays. And, some of them are the kind of starters to write a paper with no trouble. But, to first gauge your strength, discover the next helpers that may help to get inspiration in writing, and understand the definition of a hook in examples.

  • UTS
  • Sample Essay
  • JHU
  • University of Leicester Essay Example

And, many more. To write the best hook, find the best topic, investigate online journals to get inspiration, and create your own. If no, rely only on writing services that are trusted by hundreds of students.

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