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What Is the Best Hook for Research Paper? 7 Ways to Engage Your Audience

What types of posts do you like to read on a social network? You might say, “I pay attention to the heading” or “I look for some captivating information”. Log in and spend at least 5 minutes to analyze what posts have you ignored and what data have you shared. That is how the hook works.

How people catch fish? They take a hook and cover it with something attractive and tasty like a worm or another fish. The same happens to a person who reads a research paper. If a reader finds something interesting at the beginning of the paper, he or she will read it till the end. That is the main goal of the hook. Hooks must both reflect the core idea of the investigation and attract the target audience.

As a rule, the average research contains many pages. It is its benefit and disadvantage at the same time. On the one hand, it gives an opportunity to reveal all the necessary points. On the other hand, it is hard to keep someone’s attention and make him/her read all pages. Consequently, each researcher must present a hook that will intrigue. It is not an essay that might mirror the author’s viewpoint and can sound like a joke. It should be a serious statement proving the importance of the paper.

If you doubt that your hook for research paper is worthy, it is never too late to turn to a professional and experienced writing service that can become a perfect assistant in academic homework.

Good Hooks for Research Papers: How to Start and What to Avoid?

It is impossible to attract the reader without the proper investigation of the core idea of the paper. You should know exactly what you are going to present and what fact will be the special appeal of the research. That is why you should create an outline to see what information you have and what part contains the most crucial evidence.

How to start

Such academic homework requires many facts, quotes, and statistics in order to show the background, development, and solution of the problem. Nevertheless, there will be the one that will be the most impressive. This one should be the main ingredient of the hook. Outlines will help to mirror it. Secondly, it is necessary to know the audience. A person writes academic assignments to get high scores and acquire a good reputation. Consequently, a researcher must learn what the target audience is interested in. Thanks to that, students will understand what to present and how to do it properly.

There are seven helpful means to grab the reader’s attention.

Tools What is that?
Quotation A piece of information taken from the source without changes
Famous Saying Words of some outstanding personalities or people who have shown an understanding of some concrete issues.
Questions The author turns to the audience asking about things which trouble, worry, and need answer(s)
Description Describing the event vividly, making it possible to call the reader’s attention and intrigue them
Facts and Statistics Reliable information about the theme of the topic (statistics presents it in numbers)
Disproven A researcher gives information that ruins stereotypes and previous imagination of the event/thing/, etc.
Thesis The main idea of the paper presented in one or two sentences, including something catchy.

What to Avoid

There are several things a student should avoid when writing research papers.

  1. Telling jokes (anecdotes and funny stories fit only some essay types)
  2. Giving complete answers (it should intrigue the reader but not tell everything at once and make the reading of the whole work unnecessary)
  3. Writing too much (wordy sentences bother readers)
  4. Mistakes (grammar and lexical mistakes spoil the impression of turning worthy information into the trash)
  5. Unclear presentation (be precise and clear to let everybody understand what is the point of your paper)
  6. Unreliable resources (never take data from an untrusted source; your investigation can fail because of doubtful or wrong facts)

You should remember one important thing. The hook must be related to your thesis statement! Its goal is not only to involve someone in reading but also to reflect the core idea of the research. Students usually decide to present the thesis statement as a hook to kill two birds with one stone.

Research Paper Hook Examples for Different Spheres of Life

The best way to learn things is to study good examples. There are many areas of life available for discoveries and innovations. Students have an opportunity to show their talent and viewpoint regarding their interests. The contemporary world impresses everyone with recently discovered facts, shocking statistics, amusing events, and intriguing questions that still demand answers.

The topic selection is very important because it must relate to the interests of the target audience and bring some novelty. We have prepared the best catchy hooks in various scientific fields which might help a writer to orient and provide their research paper with striking success.


Scientists have found the relationship between taking care of dogs and their owners. The last ones have a 33% lower risk of getting strokes or heart attacks due to their pets. Daily many people all over the world spend huge sums on medicine and medical treatment to solve heart problems. Can dogs rescue humanity from heart illnesses, extra expenses, and even death? (Source ScienceDaily)
This is a sample of a statistic plus a question.


On October 9th, 2019, scientists have found one more reason for fast snow melting in Antarctica. The so-called ‘upside-down rivers’ carve the continental ice into pieces leading to the threat of global catastrophe. (Source Live Science)
This is an example of the thesis statement about the ecological problem of global warming focused on the situation in Antarctica.

Social Sphere

Barack Obama is the first Afro-American president in the history of the United States of America. He manifested the whole world that there is no more racism and nationalism. Nevertheless, he was born when there were still repressions of black skin representatives. 56% of American citizens think that racism situation got worse after the election of Barack Obama and is getting worse due to Donald Trump’s political activity. (Source Pew Research Center)
This is the statistic of the racism situation in the USA related to the election of the Afro-American president and the next white skin president.


Dead skinless people covered the ground. The smell of radiation and death spread on million kilometers predicting the horrible outcome. It was the reality of 2011, but David Brin had foreseen the tragedy 20 years before it happened. Who are they ‘the seers’ in World Literature? (Source TheVintageNews)
This is a description followed by a fact that might shock the reader and a question that demands the answer.

History and Religion

“Nobody joins something they think’s gonna hurt them”. (D. Layton). Why do cults exist? Is that a real religious movement promoting some sacrifice or a well-planned scheme of mass killing? (Source Quotes)
This is a quotation that misleads the reader, saying that cults are safe (because they often result in the death of its members).


Scientists made a mistake saying that Batten disease leads to the lethal outcome. Doctors in Boston’s hospital have developed a new tailor-made medicine due to personalized medicine. The case of a six-year-old girl gives a chance to other patients to survive. (Source LiveScience)
This is disproven about a disease commonly known as incurable.


IPods belong to one of the most popular innovations manufactured by Apple. They make phone talk and listening to audio materials easier and more comfortable thanks to Bluetooth contact and wireless form. The EcoBeat product surpassed customer’s expectations and even seemed to be better than the Apple originals. Is it the sign of the Apple failure? What makes this supplement so trendy but, at the same time, controversial? (Source DailyLifeTech)
A sequence of questions makes a reader hesitate in the choice of the brand and read the paper to find out the possible pros and cons of a favorite product.

Hook in Research Paper: 10 Trustable Resources to Consider

Students are often afraid of homework. They fear to fail the task or do something wrong. One more reason for student’s fear is the deadline. Fortunately, there are professional services that are ready to perform even the most difficult orders quickly and qualitatively. They guarantee zero plagiarism works and on-time delivery.

Unreliable books, magazines, and websites can result in failure. So, here is the list of some resources a researcher can rely on.

  1. Science Daily
  2. PBS
  3. Science Advances
  4. Live Science
  5. The New England Journal of Medicine
  7. New York Times
  8. BBC
  9. The Economist
  10. ReliableTechnologies

Of course, this list is not complete. Still, one can look for interesting and reliable data to support the main idea of your custom research paper and hook the reader.

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