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Where to Find Research Papers Online: Discover Google Scholar

Where to find research papers online? If you use Google as your search engine of choice you will be pleased to learn about Google Scholar, Google´s Online search engine for scholarly research, papers, articles books, abstracts and more. It is easy to access and you are able to find everything all in one place. Google Scholar is a very useful tool for students.Find Research Papers Online

Across all Disciplines

Articles and works in the database are too numerous to list. They include articles from economics, arts, physics, mathematics, social sciences, business, humanities, chemistry, engineering and Google Scholar has a special search for case law. In addition to that, Google Scholar offers specific languages you can search with if you need documents in a language other than English, or if the document was only published in one language.  Whatever your subject, give Google Scholar a try first, it will not disappoint.

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Is It Safe to Use Free Papers?

The answer to this question is fully in the aim with which the free papers are to be used. It is an obvious fact that submitting a free paper to your school involves great risk to be expelled for plagiarism. Free papers can be downloaded by numbers of students and you have no guarantee that if you use it your call mate will not use the same paper as well. Of course free papers can be of use if you download them jut for examples.

Completion of some of the written assignments requires knowledge of the structure and writing skills. If you go online to take a look at free papers to be used as samples it can help you understand the layout of the paper, some basic features, writing style to be used, etc. It is not a secret that for an average student leisure is a lot more pleasant way to spend time and money then then doing a written assignment therefore using a free paper from the Internet which is instant and doesn’t cost anything seems very attractive.

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  • Free bibliography & reference
  • Double spacing
  • Free formatting (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard and others)
  • Free title page
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