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Why Learning Essay Writing is So Boring Sometimes and How to Deal with It?

We perfectly get it: sometimes learning essay writing is just a snore-fest. Every time you sit down to research some information on how to write this or that type of paper, your one eye starts to blink very slowly. And when you get to looking for data on the given topic, that’s when all the “fun” comes out. But why exactly does this happen? Learning is supposed to be interesting, right?

The most widespread reason for essay writing being boring is that the tasks are detached from reality. Composing a paper about the life of Abraham Lincoln? Come on, what can be more “entertaining”. This essay will get you a job in a high growth startup! (or at least at library). But joking aside, you can’t leave the situation like that because no matter what you think, essay writing skills are very important for your future. And we have several ideas on how it can be turned into an exciting and challenging task.

Swim Against the Stream

You don’t necessarily have to follow the standard introduction-body-conclusion structure illustrated by a burger. There is a reason you read off blog articles or your favorite authors most of your free time – they use special techniques to engage the reader. For example, bloggers apply hooks to get the audience interested while fiction writers use suspense, neat narration and so on. So, find out more about these techniques and try using them in your writing!

Add More of Yourself

Why do you write 3-4 posts daily on social media but can’t make yourself create a 400-word essay? Because they are connected with you, your interests and preferences. So, make your academic papers personal too. Describe your experience, adventures or contemplations, and it will be much easier to spill it all out on the paper.

Go Creative

Discover some new interesting approaches for yourself! Create a paper on behalf of your favorite movie character imitating their style of speech, or of someone so bodacious like Kanye West. It won’t only make the whole process much more exciting, but also will show that you are not a mindless machine that automatically produces a standard essay. You can get creative!

Imagine That You Are at Oprah’s

You will be very surprised how this approach can change the content of your essay. Compose a paper on a given topic. Then, imagine yourself attending the Oprah’s and telling about it to show’s public. Would they be interested? Well, we doubt that and you do too. So, think how would you alter your writing so that this type of audience would like it. Do you need to add some jokes? Go ahead and do that. Does your essay need more curious facts? Surf the Internet and include them as well. Do whatever is needed for you to like this essay too.

It’s always important to have fun while doing even such serious tasks as completing academic writing assignments. So, make sure you don’t miss out on that. This was you won’t feel bored at all.

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