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How the Best Dissertation Can Guarantee You a Dream Job

Best Dissertation and Dream JobAccording to the Wall Street Journal survey of about 500 recruiters, employers who hire fresh graduates complain that the majority of candidates lack critical thinking and analytical skills. Some chief executives also say that despite the fact that many applicants are very smart and far more observant than their superiors, they seem not to be able to turn their opinions and assumptions into strategies or ideas for company development.

If you’re wondering how your dissertation fits into this scenario, it means that you’ve already refused to put your best hopes in it. But it’s never too late to change the course of events if you really want to. We will tell you how the best dissertation can attract the potential employer’s attention at the time when recruiters start turning down the idea of hiring graduates.

The Ability to Think Independently

If you choose the right topic just within the sphere of your specialization and, of course, your interest, you will be able to research a relevant field of information as well as provide some valuable insights. It will mean that you are able to critically analyze data, draw the most important details from it, and form your own assumptions – and that’s exactly what employers are looking for.


Not in all colleges or universities, students have to write dissertations. In fact, some educational institutions give you a choice, and if you agree to dedicate a great amount of time to research and analysis, it shows how committed, focused, and result-oriented you are.

Time Management

Deadline is the Achilles’s feet of almost every student because, firstly, it’s hard to portion your time for such a bulky writing assignment especially when you have to start like a year before your actual D date. Secondly, your mind just doesn’t feel that it has to force you to get a dissertation written, again because the deadline is far away. As a result, you begin doing something when it’s a bit late, and the quality suffers irrevocably.

But if you manage to do everything rationally and on time, and your dissertation looks decent in terms of both – the quality and valuable findings – this is something definitively worth the potential employer’s attention.

Your True Interest in the Industry

A well-researched and well-written dissertation proves that you are indeed interested in the major you chose years ago. Chief executives want to see employees who are dedicated, engaged, and invested into their sphere. By completing a lengthy written project at the university, you can show your potential and possible benefits that you can bring for the company.

We know that writing a dissertation is one hell of a task. So, before getting to it, you need to actually sit and decide for yourself whether you will really work in the industry you’ve majored in. Then, you must look for the topic which you are able to contribute to. After you have everything settled, dedicate enough time to polishing it, and only then, you can count on it while searching for career opportunities. So, set your priorities right, kid.

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