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Top 7 Cliché Ideas You Should Avoid Including into Your Leadership Essay

Let’s face it: the majority of people hate clichés. Yes, there are some individuals who like them because clichés are their comfort zone. But we doubt that your professor whom you need to write an essay falls under this category.

If you wish to avoid stereotypes notions, you need to avoid them not only in your style of writing but at the level of the topic as well. While writing a leadership essay, you need to come up with original ideas. We know it’s hard because this issue has been popular for at least 5000 years, but it’s not impossible. To help you with this “uphill struggle”, we’ve put down a list of top leadership clichés that you should avoid at all costs. If you follow our advice, you will make your writing more interesting and profound!

1. Thеre Are No Stupid Quеstions

Yes, there are. In fact, there are loads of them, and you perfectly understand that. If you want to write a good leadership essay, it’s better to promote the idea that a true leader has to identify and prevent stupid questions. If they still happen, it’s best to highlight and explain why they are silly (of course in the right manner).

2. The Custоmer Is Аlways Right

If you have ever worked part-time in a customer support field, you’ll know that it’s not true. For a good leadership, it’s important sometimes to stand the ground of your employee in front of a client.

3. Give It Your Best Shot

And what is this supposed to mean? Go and shoot something or somebody? A real leader must explain what expectations he/she has without scattering vague phrases. There are also other word combinations that fall into this category like “do your best”, “go above and beyond”, etc.

4. Don’t Bother Me until You Have a Solution

This is another cliché that makes people flinch when they hear something similar from their bosses. If a subordinate comes with a problem to the senior, the latter must sit and puzzle out the issue to understand whether there is a solution in the first place.

5. Think outside the Box

And work outside the office. And eat outside the canteen.

This is a threadbare motivational phrase that stopped inspiring people years ago. So, why do leaders still use it?

6. Appreciate Every Opinion

Someone who is in charge should be able to see valuable opinions and mark them out for others to appreciate. It’s a skill that is hard to hone, and, besides, it’s always easier to say that a true leader must take into account all points of view.

7. Failure Is Not an Option

Among many mottos of Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, there is a phrase “Fail faster”. He has even a whole theory that failures lead to success and it doesn’t correspond with one of the main leadership clichés. So, do you think you should mention it in your essay?

Avoid these stereotypes to prevent your professor from doing a facepalm and add more interesting ideas that really work nowadays. We wish you good luck with that!

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