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Tips: Writing a Research Paper on Bullying

Freshmen and students in their first year in high school often fall prey to bullies. Reports obtained from educational institutions indicate that bullying persists even in the modern era. It is not known why people bully others, but it can be concluded that a bully is likely to have an underlying psychological condition that triggers the bullying behavior. On a different perspective, bullying is not only rampant in schools, but has also been reported in family settings. This is mainly witnessed in families where the income is so meager that it cannot support the children that comprise that family. Bullying in families takes a mild form. For example, the eldest sibling taking care of the younger ones might serve himself bigger food portions, leaving the rest to share some insufficient quantity. In the same manner, bullying within the family might be seen where the elder siblings force younger ones to wash their clothes for them, clean their rooms, and run errands for them.

All this time, the parents might not be aware that such things are happening. From these examples, it can be gathered that writing a research paper on bullying can be fascinating. Nevertheless, as is common with a fascinating research topic, it is possible to drift out of the point and write an irrelevant essay. Therefore, a number of handy tips that guide and control the writing of a research paper exist.

Tip number one involves the definition of key terms. The writer must not assume that every reader knows what bullying is. It is always good to begin any essay with a definition of the topic and the key words that will feature prominently in that essay. Examples of key words that a writer must try to include in an essay on bullying are coercion, threat, and victim among many others. The definition of key phrases and words will be followed by a synopsis about the pervasiveness of bullying in social settings. In this section, the writer will give a statistical background into the major forms of bullying in schools and families, as well as in other social settings where the trend has been observed. After this, the reader will select one situation where bullying has been observed to be notorious. A critical exposition of the situation will be given.

This will call for profound information concerning the factors that trigger bullying, and the responses that have been implemented with respect to the behavior. The research paper is not complete if the writer fails to take in the documented effects that have resulted from acts of bullying. Similarly, the writer must outline the positive results that have been generated by the said responses, if there are any. As with any other paper, it is good to conclude the essay with a set of suggested actions the writer feels would aid in deterring bullies. An obvious but imperative tip is to proofread your paper to ascertain that there are no grammatical or typing errors.

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