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Take Advantage of List Topics to Write About US History

There are many moments that serve as turning points in history. They shape political decisions, create positive or negative national moods and work as catalysts for other changes on regional or international levels. In the US history, there were loads of such moments: Cold War, the assassination of JFK, 9/11, etc.  They are still remembered and discussed because they left a trace that will never fade away.

If you are tasked with a history essay, it’s great to write about the events like that. But the thing is that there are already so many papers that research these questions that you will hardly be able to offer some new perspectives or ideas. But that doesn’t mean that you have nothing to explore. There is also contemporary American history that contains as many turning points as other periods. They are truly important for changing the national mentality and forming new beliefs. That’s why we’ve arranged a 20 sample list topics to write about when you get a history assignment. You will surely be interested in some of them because many of the mentioned below events have happened and are happening in your plain view.

  1. 2003 Iraq Invasion: the Criticism of the Lack of Rationale behind the Final Decision
  2. The Launch of Facebook in 2004
  3. The 1st Afro-American President in the US – Barack Obama
  4. How Osama Bin Laden Was Tracked and Killed in 2011
  5. Federal Law on Same-Sex Marriages
  6. The Death of Pop Icon – Michael Jackson
  7. 2007 Shooting by a Korean Student That Started the Discussion on Gun Control Laws
  8. The Consequences of Hurricane Katherine
  9. First Women in Submarines: 2010 Ban Lift
  10. The US Attack on Libya: The Operation Called “Odyssey Dawn”
  11. Arizona and Its Restrictive Laws Against Illegal Immigration Passed in 2010
  12. The 2013 Shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School
  13. The Death of Freddie Gray and Baltimore Protests That Followed It
  14. Obama Visit Cube and First Steps to Improving American-Cuban Relationships
  15. ISIS Attacks within the US throughout the Period from 2010 till 2017
  16. Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack in 2013
  17. Milwaukee Riots and Events Prior to Them Starting from Dontre Hamilton’s Death in 2014
  18. The Immigration Policy of Donald Trump
  19. How an American Mortgage Market Crisis in 2007 Developed into a Global Financial Decline in 2008
  20. The 1st President without Prior Government or Military Service – Donald Trump

As you can see, the US history starting from 2000 is quite rich in events of different nature. But despite their diversity, they all greatly influenced the American society. Writing a History essay or research paper on one of them is significant because you are a direct witness of the most of them. So, you can rely not only on the articles or research works of others but also on your own independent opinion. Choose one of the topics and create a historically significant academic paper.

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