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8 Summer Activities You Will Miss Out if You Don’t Buy Argumentative Essay to Apply to University

Writing an argumentative essay for your university application is going to involve time-consuming and tedious research, which may take you all summer to complete. If you need to turn in a paper for your application and you decide not to buy an argumentative essay, go ahead and cross the following summer fun off your to-do list.

1.    Cycling Tour

Summer is a great time to ride and taking your bike out for a cruise, enjoying the scenery and getting some exercise is something you deserve after working hard all year to keep your grades up.

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Feb 3, 2017

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

How to write well is an acquired skill but easily achieved by preparing and using guidelines on how to write good essays. Any student who wants to communicate effectively can learn to write a good argumentative essay. It does help to practice. At first glance, students may think a persuasive paper and an argumentative essay serve the same purpose. Typically, the difference is that in an argumentative paper, both sides of the argument are stated, covered, and substantiated as facts. A persuasive paper is an essay, introduction, body, and conclusion. An argumentative essay should contain a claim and counterclaim, rebuttal and refuting and final conclusion.

For example, the debate is whether to paint the exercise room red or blue. You have red and blue cans of paint. You would like the room painted red. Now we have the idea and the purpose, which is to paint the room red and not blue. Next tip provide some substantiation. The color red is often associated with energy and speed. The USDOT reported in 2009 that the police stopped red cars more than any other color car by a 5 to 1 difference. The next color cars stopped for speeding are black and followed by yellow cars.

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Jan 11, 2010