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Storytelling in the Hook for Your Research Paper Statement

A research paper statement is a short passage explaining what your paper is about. Take some time to write out a clear and accurate thesis statement because it will show how well you have understood your research goals and whether you were able to implement them accurately.

Characteristics of a Great Research Paper Statement
Usually included at the end of the first paragraph of a paper, the statement should:

  • be very specific—Include exactly and only what you will discuss in the paper;
  • hook the reader immediately;
  • be revised as your work progresses;
  • accurately reflect what kind of paper it represents (analytical, expository, argumentative or narrative);
  • tell the reader how you plan to interpret the significance of your subject matter;
  • serve as a road map for the rest of the paper;
  • answer a specific question;
  • include a claim that is open to dispute.

Why Bother Creating a Hook?
A hook is a creative way to grab your reader’s attention and compel them to keep on reading. This makes perfect sense in terms of normal storytelling. But why take this approach while writing a research statement? Isn’t it the instructor’s job to read the entire paper anyway?
These are perfectly valid questions, but the answer to them all is simple. The fact is that this effort expended will improve your grade. And will also help you remain very clear about what work you have done and how valuable your research is.

Your ability to convince the reader to keep on reading largely depends on your hook, so take your time in composing a clear hook for your research statement.

Clueless at Creating a Hook? Try the Storytelling Approach
Stories are entertaining and people love them. By creating a simple but effective hook almost guarantees that you will immediately capture your reader’s attention.
A hook works best when used at the beginning of your research statement; it can even be the first sentence if you want.

How to Create a Story
This is the most difficult part, but we’ll make it easy for you.

Firstly, do not just tell your readers what happens, but show them with the help of words. You should select a setting and make sure the background is clear. Your characters are next and they must be relevant and relatable in addition to being clearly explained (this is a research paper statement after all). This all makes the main core of the story, and if this is weak the whole story would fall flat.

The next step is to take the story forward, once your readers know what it is all about, it is time to introduce the conflict that makes your story interesting. However, the conflict should be for a reason and your readers must know of it so they can get invested into the story. Also, if it is possible, try to make it interactive with a hook ending.

What Makes a Hook Effective?
The human brain is curious and an effective hook piques our curiosity. Anything which grabs our attention will automatically make us want to learn more about it. Good hooks that are based on storytelling elements can be effective in pulling in your readers/professors even if the piece of writing is not a story. Persuading a reader to lend their precious time to your thoughts is not easy to do.

  • Appeal to the senses—use visual and vibrant language.
  • Don’t overuse flowery language; it often has a negative effect on the clarity of your ideas.
  • Use a strong statement about a topic.
  • State a rarely known and/or significant statistic.
  • Make an exaggeration or outrageous statement.
  • Open the statement with a question.

Storytelling is a useful skill to learn and the elements from it transfer over easily to academic writing styles. It is never a good idea to bore your reader, no matter how dry or dull the general subject is, it is always readable if presented in an interesting manner.

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