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Impressive List of Topics for Speech Competition Which Won’t Bore Your Audience

If you’re looking for speech competition topics, it means that you take part in a contest in your college, national tournament or you’re just a member of Toastmasters! Anyway, if you have no idea what to talk about in front of the audience, you’ve come to the right place. We will provide you with a list of topics for speech competition where you will be able to find a suitable subject for your performance or at least get inspired to come up with your own one. But before that we would like to remind you the most important rules and requirements that you have to remember while giving a speech:

  • Keep to the formal structure – introduction, main body, and conclusion.
  • Make sure your style of language is appropriate to your speech theme.
  • Avoid plagiarism at all costs.
  • The speech must be polite and shouldn’t offend people on racial, gender, religious or any other basis.
  • Control your movements: you are allowed to use slight natural gestures and keep them to a minimum.
  • Match your look with the topic of your speech (within reasonable limits).

These aspects are very important to consider while choosing the subject because you need to understand which topic you will be able to meet the rules as well as do your best. So, keep them in mind while having a look at our 20 sample topics for a speech competition.

  1. White Supremacists and Statues of Confederates: to Take Down or Not to Take Down?
  2. Mandatory Minimums as a Legal Display of Racism on the Governmental Level in Matters of Drug Abuse and Drug Trade
  3. Lack of Trust in Mass Media as an Instrument of Propaganda
  4. The Future of Pilotless Airliners with Autopilot Controls
  5. A New Economic Bubble: Do Governments Have to Regulate the Blockchain Markets?
  6. Donald Trump and Big Data: a Winning Combination
  7. Sophia – the First Robot in the World to Get a Citizenship and Other Privileges
  8. The Role of Ireland in the Brexit Process
  9. Recent Hurricanes and the Prospects of Geoengineering
  10. AIDS Epidemic Among Children
  11. What Will Happen When the US Acknowledges Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel?
  12. Slobodan Praljak’s Suicide During the Trial: What Does It Tell Us about Bosnia-Herzegovina?
  13. The Lack of Child Psychiatrists in Ireland and Its Consequences
  14. Who Are the Rohingya People and Why Did Pope Publicly Address Them?
  15. The Problem of Fake News on Facebook
  16. How Police Use Facebook to Catch Criminals
  17. Sexual Harassment Revelations of 2017: What Was the Trigger?
  18. Accelerated Bachelor’s Degrees: Their Advantages and Dangers
  19. The Premises for Banning College and School Beauty Contests
  20. Consequences of Revealing Your Life on Social Media

Go through this list and while choosing the final topic to remember – it is important that the subject you’ll settle with would be interesting for you as well as for your audience. That’s one of the most significant criteria that you should always stake into account.

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