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Essay Writing Advice: Structure It Up!

If you are looking for essay writing advice, look no further. Writing an essay requires that you include the basic elements of a five paragraph essay. Even if your writing task is a bit more involved, the same elements must be included.

  • Introduction
    When you are writing your introduction you want to pay attention to the exact word choice you have. This is your first and, in some cases, your last opportunity to leave a positive impression on your reader. This is not only where you talk about your subject for the first time, but where you also explain to the reader how you are going to talk about your subject. You should be putting a higher level of energy into your introductory area, totaling about 20% of your overall writing efforts. And if you do this you will be rewarded positively.essay writing advice
  • Body Paragraphs
    The second step is a body paragraph where you need to present your 1st strongest argument or your best illustration or example. Much like the previous section of your writing assignment, the first sentence needs to have a hook which naturally transitions from the hook located at the end of the previous paragraph. The subject of this paragraph or the main idea needs to be presented in the topic sentence immediately after. You want to make sure that you relate the main idea here to your thesis statement much the same as you did in the previous section. And finally, once you have done this you need to include your transitional hook in order to help the reader move along once again to the 2nd body paragraph.
    The 2nd body paragraph is where your weaker argument is located and it should be followed after the transitional hook with your topic sentence. Once again the evidence and support that you present need to relate back to your thesis statement. Never assume that the reader will know what you intend to say or will be able to pick up on what you are hinting at. Instead, make sure that you state your purpose explicitly. Once this is done you need to end. With a transitional hook which signals that your final point has been made and that they will now reach the end of your document.
  • Conclusion
    The conclusion is the end of your writing but it does not serve as an afterthought. The final paragraph is the final opportunity you have to restate your case and it needs to be very rigid in its format. You want to try and paradoxically think of the conclusion as the second introduction because it will contain many of its features. You want each sentence to be well-crafted and you want to make sure you have an effective concluding transition after which you restate your thesis.

Remember, the best custom essay writing advice revolves around laying out each component of the traditional writing tasks, including introductions, body texts, and conclusions. These make up the basic structure of your work. By incorporating all of these components, you can enjoy a well put together essay.

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