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Business Personal Statement: What? Why? How?

Business Personal Statement Writing

In this article, we are going to give you a step-by-step guide on all of the essential tips that you need to complete your business personal statement.

What is a Business Personal Statement?

It is very competitive to try and secure a space in a high-quality business studies course. Your business personal statement is one of the ways in which you can demonstrate your potential above and beyond your grades. An engaging and insightful business personal statement can be a way of standing out from the rest of the candidates who are competing for the available places on the course that you wish to study.

Why Do You Need a Business Personal Statement?

A business personal statement is designed to give some sense of who you are as a person. For many courses, it is an essential part of the application and candidate assessment process.

How to Complete a Business Personal Statement?

The key thing with a business personal statement is to be authentic, to be yourself, and to convey that in a professional way that connects with the people who are assessing your application.

There are four main points that you should mention in your business personal statement. These are as follows:

  1. Why are you interested in studying this course? For example, you may say something like – “I have had a lifelong interest in economics…” or “I am fascinated by the operation of the stock market…”
  2. How do your previous studies qualify you for this course? For example, you may say something like – “My previous studies of international politics have shown me the interrelation between politics and economics…” or “My outstanding grades in my junior business studies qualification have given me an excellent basis to continue to challenge myself academically…”
  3. What life experience do you have that qualifies you for this course? For example, you may say something like – “Having dealt with my family’s small business, I have a sound understanding of microeconomics…” or “I’ve been an active participant in stock market simulations to help me build my understanding of real-time trading patterns…”
  4. Why have you chosen this specific course? You may say something like: “Having compared all of the available options, I believe this course will give me the skills and knowledge I need…” or “The outstanding reputation of this course will be a tremendous asset to my CV…”

It is important that you do not copy anyone else’s business personal statement. It is okay to look at some examples to see how best to structure what you are writing, but your business personal statement has to be about you, it has to reflect your experiences, and what you believe.

The business personal statement has to be about you, but do not hesitate to seek assistance and feedback. Share your business personal statement with your friends, family, and professional network. Ask for feedback, ask whether it accurately reflects who you are, ask for any suggestions on how to improve it and make it more impactful. With a strong business personal statement, you will be well-placed to secure the business course to which you aspire.

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