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The Guide of Successful Essay Leadership Writing: Great Writing Inspires

Recently, leadership has sparked off numerous debates among researchers. As such, it is the subject of most extensive researches and literature reviews. For example, in Harvard Business Review the study by David Rooke and William R. Torbert concludes that there are seven leadership transformations due to  a number of personal changes and external interventions.

It is very common for students to be asked to write leadership essays even if they are not pursuing a course in leadership. The subject of leadership cuts across different scholarly disciplines, either Psychology, Management or Sociology. The following guide will help you write a compelling essay on leadership.

1.  Identify Your Area of Focus

In most cases, an essay on leadership may require your personal reflection on what leadership is. In some instances, you may be asked to demonstrate how you exhibit leadership traits. In other cases, you may be given a scenario and asked to be in shoes of a leader and demonstrate leadership styles needed for that situation. Once you have instructions, you need to identify your area of focus. This will ensure that you remain within the scope of a write-up.

2.  Have a Strong Introduction

The introduction gives you an opportunity to wow your readers. This part is aimed at grabbing their attention. However, it can also be the point where you lose them because they lose interest in reading the rest of a leadership essay. A strong introduction acts as a steering point. If you are doing a review, you can choose a memorable quote and incorporate it in the introduction section.

3.  Have a Concise Thesis Statement

A thesis statement needs to be brief and clear. Try to confine your ideas to not more than two sentences. The statement is what sums up the argument you should make in the essay. The thesis statement should also have a punch. In most cases, tutors will look at the thesis statement when deciding how to grade your paper.

4.  Provide Rich Content in the Body

The body of the content should be rich and comprehensive. Students make the mistake of giving shallow statements without supporting their information. Inasmuch as you are supposed to give your views, ensure that you have research to back it up. Read the article by David G. Jensenon at Science on different leadership styles to cement your views. You can also cite contrary views to your argument. The reader should follow your line of thoughts and see how you reasonably come to a conclusion.

The body should have several paragraphs of a content. These paragraphs must have a clear flow of thoughts connected with suitable transition words like ‘Firstly’, ‘Secondly’, ‘Thirdly’. It is important to have a rough draft before you begin to write the final leadership essay.

5.  Follow Essay Writing Instructions and Guidelines

Tutors award high marks for following all instructions and working within the guidelines provided. Many students rush to finish an essay or research paper forgetting to carefully look through its instructions. Once your paper is complete, double-check the instructions given by your tutor. Look out for which referencing style is required, either APA, MLA or Chicago. It is also important to ensure that your paper is free of grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes.

The guideline above serves as a blueprint to help you write an essay on leadership that is supposed to lead you to success. Do so in such a way as to inspire the other people by your writing. If you are at a loss what to do in a particular essay, feel free to address our custom essay writing service with academic professionals. Just rely on their quick help in writing, proofreading and editing.

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