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Business Communication Essay Example

It is essential that every country during its development has identified the main sources usage of which can give it competitive advantage in the world market. Thus, it is essential to understand why some product are being principal for one country and do not have such principal status among others, why these products are making the country being the competitive. Thus, the main statement of the current project is to understand what the country’s principal products are.

Such research will bring the full understanding of the significance and strategic meaning of the products that are being principal for the particular country. The main limitation of the research is connected with the today’s extensive development of the technologies and particular sphere of business is being the principal for every country around the world. There are also the set of the business that are important for every country and in this basis most of them starting to affect the potential competitor using different strategies, for example, export or import barriers.

In order to answer the stated question it is necessary to research the economics of the particular country, analyze its exports and imports, through the data analysis understand what products are being principal for the country. First of all, it is necessary to identify the set of products or services that are being the most valuable through the data analysis. Then, it is necessary to assess the GDP and the part of the GDP that the particular range of products set.

Also it is necessary to pay attention why these products are being principal and not others:

I. The analysis of the GDP
A. The analysis of the GDP exports in 3 year
B. The identification and analysis of the principal products of the particular country

II. The principal products analysis
A. The analysis of the fact why these products are principal for the particular country
B. The analysis of the potential products that can become principal for the particular country

III. The opportunities country has
A. The analysis of significance of these products for other countries
B. The analysis of the market trends for the potential products that particular country can offer

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