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Voice Controlled Computer Technology Essay

In the wake of this techno-savvy generation, we bring to market a revolutionary computer product. Most computers in existence can barely use voice controlled mechanism in serving the user, but what we have brought to the people can use voice and help the owner carry out diverse activities through speaking. The traditional over reliance on keys to navigate the web, undertake online search and pose questions expecting answers is taken through a paradigm shift to speaking.

IMC bring to the public a new experience in the computer technology and strives to ensure that one gets the value of his money. Consumers are able to access any other relevant information and post enquiries any time through the mail that will be provided. Daily media display will feature in local dailies and top television channels across the world. As a result, ultra-modern approach to information and communication technology is brought to your satisfaction.

The Voice Controlled technology in the computer is installed in the other communication gadgets like Smartphones, and this is the similar design in the new brand of computers. The procedure to make this dream realization is exceedingly simple. It will even make the computer more of like a pet by assigning a name to it say, “Butty”. When one has this feature in the computer, many things can be accomplished at the instant of mere speaking with utmost convenience and high efficiency.

This technology is customer focused and more practical to the increasing need of communication in the contemporary society. It is an instant problem solver, and user-friendly thereby certify the general social philosophy of man to provide services to humanity. Adoption of this new technology today will help one get things done without sitting and pressing the computer keyboard.

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