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Article Review on Online Identity

In “You Wanna Take This Online“, Chu has addressed the prevalent issue of cyber bullying. Chu commences the article by introducing the reader to a case study about a certain girl, Taylor and what she loves most as illustrated on her blog page. Chu progresses to illustrate how Taylor was informed by Sidney, her friend, about a list of Hos in which she has been listed. Chu has used a case study approach to introduce the reader to the topic at hand, creating a form of suspense to the reader who anticipates what the author is attempting to imply while reading through the article. Chu has selected the use of technology to pick on other people as the thesis for his article

Chu implies that cyber bullying is inversely relative to physical bullying in terms of gender illustrating the fact that girls bully other girls online whereas in the physical bullying boys are the victims. To reinforce on this point, Chu has provided survey results illustrating that 17% of the girls have been cyber bullied whereas less than 10% of the boys have been cyber bullied. Throughout the article, Chu has cited a survey by Clemson University who have investigated the topic thoroughly.

Chu has developed his ideas and presented them in a chronological order. From the case, Chu has then introduced the aspect of cyber bullying and then he has progressed to introduce the manner in which this trend has developed and increased with the internet becoming increasingly popular. The presentation of ideas throughout the article has progressed from simple explanations to complicated aspects of cyber bullying. Chu has used a number of specialists who have contributed to the findings of his article. These specialists include Kowalski, Aftab and Taylor, who has had experience with cyber bullies. Chu extends the discussion to providing an explanation for the reasons as to why cyber bullies bully other people. The article has illustrated that the emotional or psychological problems (Chu 52). Using Aftab’s explanation, Chu has then illustrated the fact that some of the cyber bullies evidently suffer from a hormonal imbalance.

To completely relate the writing of his article with the target audience, Chu has used language that is commonly used by young teenagers. The use of phrases such as Wanna and OMG is a depiction of the audience that Chu targets while writing this article. The use of slang is evident throughout the article. The use of slang words as well as the informal nature of the language used has been highly effective in ensuring that the author establishes a connection with the teenage readers. The diction is also highly informal. For instance, Chu has used the words Hos to mean whores and ‘Sooo’ to exaggerate the term ‘so’. This form of writing is highly effective in capturing the attention of the young readers.

Chu has adequately researched the topic and thus is merely informing the reader about this trend. This has been illustrated by the multiple references included in this article. The information provided throughout the article is informative and hardly inquisitive. This is the main purpose of the article. Chu is attempting to reach the parents and teachers about the trend of cyber bullying as well as informing the teenagers that being picked on through the internet by their colleagues is in fact being bullied.

Chu’s diction is grammatically incorrect. The use of multiple quotation marks to illustrate continuity in speech is one such error. Chu has also used certain in applicable punctuation marks such as ‘♥’ to replace the word love. These punctuation skills that have been used are formally unusual but commonly applied in the informal setting particularly by the target readers, teenage girls. Another unusual component of Chu’s article’s punctuation is the uncalled for capitalization to illustrate emphasis.

The humor that has been illustrated by the author has been illustrated through the use selected character quotations which are some of the ways through which the author has managed to keep the audience interested in the article yet manage to grasp the main information presented in the article. Chu has concluded the article through the use of Taylor’s mother course of action to watch her child over such cases of cyber bullying, illustrating that the parents need to be actively involved in the lives of these children.

However, this article is spectacular based on its purpose and it engagement with the target readers. The audience has been greatly considered by Chu throughout the paper.

Additionally, the content that has been presented in this article is highly credible and professionally researched. It is this core aspect of this article that has made it spectacular and relevant. Chu has also addressed the purposes of this paper well, outlining the role of the parents, teachers and the teenage students in attempting to curb and prevent the occurrence and increase in the cases of cyber bullying. Additionally, the article’s informality has been of great importance in that the author manages to interact with the thoughts of the readers.

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Sep 12, 2011