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Article Review on Online Identity

In “You Wanna Take This Online“, Chu has addressed the prevalent issue of cyber bullying. Chu commences the article by introducing the reader to a case study about a certain girl, Taylor and what she loves most as illustrated on her blog page. Chu progresses to illustrate how Taylor was informed by Sidney, her friend, about a list of Hos in which she has been listed. Chu has used a case study approach to introduce the reader to the topic at hand, creating a form of suspense to the reader who anticipates what the author is attempting to imply while reading through the article. Chu has selected the use of technology to pick on other people as the thesis for his article

Chu implies that cyber bullying is inversely relative to physical bullying in terms of gender illustrating the fact that girls bully other girls online whereas in the physical bullying boys are the victims. To reinforce on this point, Chu has provided survey results illustrating that 17% of the girls have been cyber bullied whereas less than 10% of the boys have been cyber bullied. Throughout the article, Chu has cited a survey by Clemson University who have investigated the topic thoroughly.

Sep 12, 2011