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Essay on Human Resources

Sample Essay on Human Resources:
My basic plan if hired
App sense being a leader in user virtualization for enterprise organizations has in the past won this title through what I believe is sheer hard work from all the concerned quarters of the company. I take note of the fact that App sense has managed to win awards due to the fact I have just outlined. In light of this view, my basic plan is focused in maintaining the success of App Sense and at the same time take it to higher levels. Secondly, I strongly believe that for any company to flourish and prosper in its returns and profits, the organizational culture should be cohesive. Therefore I will strive to get acquainted to my workmates so as to enable a harmonious working environment that is aimed at achieving high performance. (Stutley)

Thirdly, it is a known fact that customer satisfaction, cohesiveness among workmates and good relations between the management and employees are some of the factors that are the backbone of a human resource manager. Once again, I take note that App Sense has already established itself in these fields. I say established because the company has realized customers all over the world. Customers like: JP Morgan Chase, Lowes, United Airlines, Wachovia, ESPN and Richard Ellis. My basic plan here is to try and ensure that these worldwide customers are fully satisfied in terms of customer services. While keeping this in mind, I will also develop techniques of increasing the company’s global network. In increasing the global network, as a human resource manager, I will ensure good relations are fostered between the company and the customers so as to secure a long lasting relationship.

Outline form of a 30-60-90 plan
My first 30 day plan will be geared towards making myself familiar with App Sense Company. By this I mean I will learn company systems. Since App Sense is a company that largely involves the use of systems as its product; user virtualization manages user specific information of the desktop and applying this information on any given desktop- I will have to learn more about this so as to be fully conscious and get a technical knowhow. Secondly, I will strive to master the product knowledge in this case being user virtualization. Thirdly, I will ensure that I address important and immediate needs of the company and also identify areas that should be given priority for action. Lastly, it is vital that I meet with other key members of the company and other key players so as to familiarize myself with them with the aim of learning more about company processes, policies, procedures, norms and the general management structure of the company.

My plan for the next thirty days will largely involve the clientele of the company. By this I mean I will ensure that I am introduced to the customers and that I also review customer satisfaction. By reviewing customer satisfaction, I mean seeing if there are ways I might enhance the company-customer relationship with the aim of better results. Also I will strive to ensure that the workforce is not only united but committed to excel.

My final thirty days plan will be aimed at reviewing the recruiting structure of the company, reviewing the various functions of the workforce, engaging all departments in effective communication that I might be able to get to know of the situations at hand, reviewing financial records and seeing that business functions are adequately catered for.

Research and Review of the Company
App Sense, as I have noted above is in the business of user virtualization which entails managing user specific information and applying this information to any desktop. In light of this view I will ensure that I review the company processes and policies so as to see what I can enhance or improve on these issues. With the aim of improving internal competition I will instill competitiveness by reviewing and improving the rewards given by the company by offering rewards on the basis of performance among employee.

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Sep 19, 2011