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5 Nerdy Essay Writing Skills You Can’t Get Away from

Writing essay in college requires many essay writing skills, including those listed below. Using these tips and integrating these skills will help you achieve great things.essay writing skills

  1. Planning Ahead
    Although planning is a practical approach to time management, it is also important to take into account different ideas for making and keeping a sensible time schedule. In preparing your schedule, it is crucial to be detailed and explicit in how you intend to spend your time. If, for example, you intend to work on history questions, indicate ‘Page 14, review questions 1-10’ as opposed to simply stating ‘history questions’.
  2. Working in the Same Spot
    To train your body to settle and concentrate faster during your study time, study in a regular location. Use this place only to study so that your body naturally relates this location to the activity. Consider places that are serene and have the items that you would need to study e.g. computers. Avoid places that make you too comfortable to do any constructive work – a bed or comfortable couch is probably not a good idea. It is better to find a location where you can sit straight at a desk.
  3. Reading
    Some reading assignments demand that you know the details of a specific segment of chapter. In these cases, you can get by with reading only these sections; read with a definite intention and take notes of key words, descriptions and any other relevant material that will help you to limit the amount of reading that you will do.
  4. Great English
    The subject of your sentence is the person, the place, or the thing that is acting. The object is the person, place or thing that is being acted upon. An adverb is designed to modify a verb, and it is easy to remember this because “verb” is in the name. An adjective is meant to modify a noun. So if someone asks you “how are you doing?” you should answer “I am doing poorly” or “I am doing well”, NOT “I am doing good”. The reason for this is that “to do” is a verb, so whatever you put after “doing” needs to be an adverb so that it can modify your verb. “Good” in this case is an adjective which does not belong here. If someone asks you “how are you?” you can say “I am good” because you are modifying yourself, or a noun.
  5. Concentrating on One Thing at a Time
    Be sure to concentrate on one activity at a time, giving your mind a more conducive working environment and guaranteeing that you work effectively. Allocate the most droning tasks first to work on them while your mind is still fresh. If you push these forward to a time when you are tired, you will likely be overwhelmed and give up, choosing instead to sleep or watch TV. Identify whether your peak study time is during the day or at night and organize your time accordingly.

Overall, essay writing in college requires many skills, including those listed above. You can improve upon your writing style by following the tips or by hiring our custom essay writers online.

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Jun 14, 2016