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4 Successful Review Writers That Students Have to Look up to

Throughout our lives, we find people who inspire us. Some of them help us work harder, some inspire us to make wise choices, and there are even some people who can inspire us to become better writers. Some of the best review writers are among those exalted few, and their works make us want to improve ourselves by bettering our writing abilities. Here are some of the best essay writers of all times and why they can make you want to become more amazing writers too.Successful Review Writers

1. Joan Didion

Didion began her writing career when she was only five years old reminding us that we are never too young to begin. If you are new to Didion, a Year of Magical Thinking is a particularly good choice. If you have ever dismayed by the decay of morality and the decadence of culture, Didion knows what you’re thinking, and she’s written it down in sharp prose that pierces to the very heart. She once famously said “The willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life is the source from which self-respect springs.” Don’t make excuses for not moving forward with becoming a stronger writer; Didion wouldn’t approve.

2. Annie Dillard

They have said, “write what you know” and Annie Dillard is a flawless example who follows that advice. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author is famous for her collected essays in Pilgrim at Tinker Creek in which she explores the beauty and horror of the natural world near her home in Roanoke, Virginia. She conveys a sense of unhurried wonder and discovery, which is difficult for experienced writers to maintain. If you have found yourself feeling jaded and struggling for the words to come, try to take a look at her essays and gain your own set of fresh eyes to view the world.

3. David Foster Wallace

If you’re a bibliophile, it is possible that you already know and love David Foster Wallace. He’s fighting back against mental illness every day to keep writing down what’s the most important for him. He called writing both “nourishing and redemptive,” and although Wallace ultimately committed a suicide. His work lives on in his most famous 1000+ page stream-of-consciousness novel Infinite Jest. The chief book critic once said of him, “He can do sad, funny, silly, heartbreaking and absurd with equal ease; he can even do them all at once.” It is hard to come up with excuses about how a certain style of writing just does not suit you when you consider the odds, which Wallace was dealing with every day, and how he bravely overcame them.

4. Brian Doyle

If you’ve never read the essayist Brian Doyle before, you’re in for a real treat. No other essayist so deftly can bring tears to your eyes or smiles to your faces. He is one moment dryly hysterical; next, he is delving into the beauty and tragedy of deepest sorrow. Perhaps, it is unrealistic to imagine that any of us could reach into someone’s heart and yank it right out of their chest with his piercing and perfect command of language, but it is certainly worth a lifetime of trying to get there.

As we can see, there are a lot of review writers who had a lot of troubles to tackle, but still they coped with them. Thus, remember that there is nothing impossible, just believe and make some efforts.

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Jan 20, 2017