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Group Case Study

Our group’s name is “Graceful Youth Group”. We started the group last year with other two members because of having a common goal to achieve. We acquired other members from the community after them agreeing to work upon the goal and the objectives of the group. Having leadership qualities was one of the regulation upon which we acquired new members. The members of the group also agreed to work with a cordial relationship to avoid unnecessary conflicts that may arise. After the formation of the group, which consisted of fifteen individualities, we conducted a walk across the community to ensure that every member of the group had a prior knowledge of the community as a whole.

In our community, there has been a vast exhibition of soil erosion, with its impact on the people of the community far reaching. Therefore, as the members residing in the community, this triggered us to form a group, which could see us addressing the problem of soil erosion. In the process of establishing our goals, we realized that there were other problems hindering development in our community. We decided that the group was to be there for any problem that may hinder development in our community.

Jan 31, 2013