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Group Case Study

Our group’s name is “Graceful Youth Group”. We started the group last year with other two members because of having a common goal to achieve. We acquired other members from the community after them agreeing to work upon the goal and the objectives of the group. Having leadership qualities was one of the regulation upon which we acquired new members. The members of the group also agreed to work with a cordial relationship to avoid unnecessary conflicts that may arise. After the formation of the group, which consisted of fifteen individualities, we conducted a walk across the community to ensure that every member of the group had a prior knowledge of the community as a whole.

In our community, there has been a vast exhibition of soil erosion, with its impact on the people of the community far reaching. Therefore, as the members residing in the community, this triggered us to form a group, which could see us addressing the problem of soil erosion. In the process of establishing our goals, we realized that there were other problems hindering development in our community. We decided that the group was to be there for any problem that may hinder development in our community.

Type of group
Neither was the group established on the grounds of gender discrimination, nor was it based on age discrimination. Guarantee for membership was there for any focused member of the society: be it a girl or a boy, old or young. Being that our group’s objectives were a beat many, we had to consider having twenty members in our group (Hardina, D., 2006).

Our goals
Our group formation was mainly steered by the motives of a better community. Therefore, our main goal in forming the group was to see that there was a greater deal of development in the community. The members, having their community in mind, agreed unanimously that developing the community was there goal.

Role of individual members
Every member has a role to play in ensuring that there is achievement of group’s goals. Each member is like a brother’s keeper. They give counseling to members who seem to be going astray as per the group’s objectives. They also ensure that every member is present at any group’s meeting even though we still experience some cases of individuals coming late for the meetings.

Leadership style
The group members designed the leadership style of in such a way that every member feels that he is a leader. Leadership position goes in cycle around a group of four, considering gender and age. The group leads for one month then another group of four takes their shift for another month. We found this suitable because every member has his own leadership quality, therefore leadership going in cycle helps in having diversity of opinions. Integrating the different leadership qualities lead to a positive outcome. This also helps do away with the problem of discrimination based on gender or age.

Management of conflicts
Conflict is inevitable among human so we sited some possible solution for management of conflict whenever they arise. Members are ready to treat every conflict that arises in the group in a special way. Conflict mainly arises when group members differ in their opinions. Therefore, as a group we have resolved that when there is a meeting everybody should have their chances in raising their opinions. Members then find a way of integrating the points so that every member feels part of the opinion. With members having the brotherly feeling towards one another, it is not easy to find members fighting among themselves (Rahim Afzalur, 2011).

Focus of the members on achieving their goals, is a clear indication that the group will never show any kind of resentment. They exhibit the spirit of togetherness in their work, which eventually will see them through in achieving their goals. The result will be more different if the members of the group do not address factors, like lateness. For the group to continue being successful, I propose that they include development of other nearing communities in their goal. This will help them to be more focused and in achieving their goals in wider area.

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