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iPad Shortcuts for Students

The influence and growth of modern digital technologies is undeniable. More and more spheres are going digital and information technologies are getting more and more sophisticated. Brand new devices can even be confusing at times!

Along with the number of possibilities that become available with the help of new gadgets, the number of potential complications increases too! Today students commonly use iPad for a number of its advantages. First, it’s comparatively small and portable. Second, being equipped with a number of functions, it makes a student’s life easier!
The tips suggested in the following article can help students get the most out of their iPad by using it effectively.

Easy shifting among the apps
To make your work with iPad quick you have to learn how to shift between various apps. As the vice president of the Gravit8 Marketing Andrea Morcherman, suggests, the best possible way to open the multitask menu is to tap the home button twice or to swipe upwards with four fingers (Flavin, 2014). In this way you’ll open all the apps which you’ve recently used. You can also use this method to copy and paste information from one app into another.

Get more with the ‘triple click’!
It’s quick and easy to open the multitasking bar with a double-click. One interesting fact is that a triple-click will increase general access in general settings to the menu. A simple triple-click will activate additional options like changing the colour of the screen, zoom function and voiceover (Flavin, 2014).

Make typing more convenient
A majority of people use both hands when typing. Though holding your tablet this may turn out to be rather challenging! Find the keyboard button and hold it in the right bottom corner and select the option ‘split’. You’ll get two halves of the keyboard on each side of the screen. You’ll then be able to type with both thumbs while holding the gadget upright (Flavin, 2014). Isn’t it much more convenient to use two parts of the keyboard instead of one?

Creating a foreign language massage on your iPad
Sometimes you need to type some information or just a single word in a foreign language using a simple English language keyboard. This can be discouraging! Still, there’s a perfect solution! It’s simple to get access to the whole range of accents and characters by just holding a letter down until you notice the grid on the screen (Flavin, 2014).

Taking immediate screen shots
As your iPad encompasses the function of a camera, you have a nice chance to take any kind of pictures, and save them, no matter what it might be: a menu in a café or the schedule of your sessions for the next semester.
To make an immediate screenshot, hold the home button and the Sleep\Wake button, which is on top right corner of your iPad simultaneously for a few seconds. Soon you’ll notice that the screenshot you need is in the camera roll (Flavin, 2014). Bingo! As easy as that!

Create your own list of abbreviations
There’s always a number of addresses which are frequently used. It can be good idea to make the list of abbreviations in your ‘General Settings’. Your first step is to type some text in the phrase box. Second, add the abbreviation that will be connected with this text into the shortcut box. Done! Next time instead of typing the name of the site you often use, it will be inserted by means of auto-fill function after typing just a few initial letters. Why not save time this way?

Enjoy using E-books for your studies
One essential advantage from your iPad can save money! Prices often tend to increase and delivery service is sometimes late. Taking into account the opinion of Jordan Schiefer, IT and web specialist, by installing Apple’s iBook application, students can forget about spending money on textbooks and download any course textbook they need!

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Jan 20, 2016