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How to Write Nursing Case Study

A Nursing case study is among the more complex case study papers to write. This is due to the fact that it is comprised of several sections, each with details needed to convey the information required by doctors and medical personnel for treatment. It is also used as an effective means of communication among the various groups involved, including doctors and nurses as well as other medical staff.

Writing a nursing case study necessitates one to follow a given number of steps. The first step entails selecting a particular topic that is based on a real life situation that one is allowed to discuss such an issue following one’s experience or current research. The second step is stating various objectives. For instance, a researcher might choose to indicate what knowledge new learners or nurses will have gained by the end of the study. The nursing case study should include at least four objectives of the study.

The third section is the introduction which includes detailed information on a given patient together with the patient’s health problem. In this section, information on the patient is provided, such as the patient’s identity or name, gender, and private information such as age and marital status. This part also contains details concerning the patient’s current health status as well related issues. The patient’s history is a crucial topic of discussion in this section. The fourth step consists of the patient’s background information which allows one to gain a better understanding of the patient’s situation.

The fifth step requires the researcher to formulate questions. This step is normally taken in order to analyze what will happen to the patient’s situation after a given period of time. For instance, a nurse may decide to acquire from the patient information concerning previous medical diagnostic results regarding the patient’s present condition. The sixth step towards developing a nursing case study involves providing feedback to the patient. This step helps in creating an awareness of the patient’s progress as well as providing details on whether the stated questions were answered accordingly. The final step is the providing of references used in helping the researcher to obtain more information on the subject matter as needed.

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Aug 20, 2013