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10 Free Tools for Students to Help with Academic Writing

It is said that almost all good writings begin with terrible efforts. That’s the beauty of struggling hard on an essay and eventually getting an A. It is as satisfying as having a glass of cold water after suffering from thirst. Nearly every student aims at getting an A.

Truth be told, an A is very hard to achieve. Academic writing has proven to offer a string of nightmares, blinking cursors, and sleepless nights to students. Most look for a more accessible way out to no avail. However, it does not always have to be that tough. The following are tools list by AdvancedWriters.com that will alleviate your writing experience.

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How to Make Your Student Life Colorful and Stress-Free?

Stress is one of the issues we can’t avoid completely these days. Our pace of life puts us under pressure, so we need to look for more keys to reduce stress and live a happy and colorful life. Students are especially vulnerable to stress – endless deadlines, huge volumes of materials to read, learn, memorize, the vibrant activities you have to leave behind during exam preparation. When you try to combine learning with active and colorful life, you find yourself even under more stress because, for some reason, the deadlines are flying by even faster, and you keep falling behind.

Don’t forget about added stress for first-year students – very often they have to move out of their town and their parent’s home where they’ve been taken care of and start living a whole new life where they have to assume responsibility for so many things. The first couple of months can seem like hell, and as soon as you get used to the new life, you have to face new challenges – exams, projects, internships. All in all, there’s a lot going on in their lives – and they have to somehow learn to manage all that.

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How to Avoid Procrastination at College and Live a Healthy Life?

It’s very common for students to procrastinate – they wait till the last day to turn in their assignments and put off the preparation for the exam until the night before it. If you’re not a perfectionist, procrastination doesn’t seem to be that bad. However, medical research has shown that procrastination increases stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

Piers Steel, a business professor at the University of Calgary, pointed out in the 2007 study: “It is estimated that 80 to 95 percent of university students procrastinate, around 75 percent consider themselves procrastinators, and almost 50 percent procrastinate consistently and problematically.”

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How to Develop the Skills You’ll Need to Work in Education

What is a skill? It is an ability of a person to do something good. Skills do not come from anywhere. One needs time to develop them to become experienced. Sometimes, a person masters skills subconsciously due to temperament and appropriate environment. For example, a girl can be patient because she is phlegmatic, and her parents give her tasks to develop this skill like beading, gathering puzzles, and collecting things.

Other skills need practice and experience. A person must possess hard and soft skills to work in education. The Balance Careers identified 7 basic skills for those who want to work as a teacher.

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Strategies on Improving Digital Intelligence

digital intelligance

Today, we live in an era of technological progress. It’s inevitably involved in all spheres of human activity, including learning. Multiple technological applications, software, devices, etc. sufficiently enhance the productivity of learning and teaching. One of the main aspects of the use of technology in education is digital intelligence. This is a set of technical, cognitive, and other competencies that are based on the moral values of people that help to face different challenges in digital life. In other words, it’s the ability to transform virtual life into real life. Accordingly, digital intelligence is important for students. We’ll review effective strategies that help to improve digital intelligence for students.

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