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Business System Assessment Essay

This is a free sample college essay on Business System Assessment:
The information methods that can be used in analyzing requirements are the documentation, interview, observation, questionnaire, and the measuring methods. Each method can be an effective way to gather requirements but some can be better then others depending on what kind of business your company does. The documentation method can be an effective method of analyzing requirements if the company already has good documentation. The interview method is a good method to use for companies that are smaller and everyone is in one office. I feel that a face-to-face interview is more personable and more effective then doing an interview over the phone.

The observation method is a good method because it allows you to see how the current processes are done. If the questionnaires ask the right questions and are effective in tracking certain aspects of the business, then this is an effective method. I have never used the measuring method but the book says that it can be a good method for gathering statistical information from the existing system.

A process map is a graphical representation of the activities which make up the process – It is a diagram which shows each step of the process, each input and output, and which uses agreed symbols to represent different process elements.

It is similar in many ways to a flowchart of the process and, in common with a flowchart, the process map represents the logic necessary to achieve the desired result. The methods that should be used in process mapping are ones that you are comfortable with and ones that you have used before and have been successful in using. I don’t know that the reading or lecture for this week actually went over actual mapping methods, but one method that was mentioned was the value chain principle.

The mapping tools that should be used in documenting analysis are joint applications development/design (JAD) or rapid applications development (RAD) tools. These tools can be used to speed up the analysis and design of a system. Object oriented analysis (OOA), spiral, iterative or a combination of these tools are all good tools to use.

These tools should be used along with the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). An analyst would know if the methods and tools mentioned above are effective because hopefully he/she has enough experience and has used these tools and methods before. The analyst would first need to determine if the company already has a standard methodology that they use as a standard. If they do have an established methodology already, the analyst should try to use that method and get permission from the company before using a different method. Hopefully the method already established by the client is an effective method.

The prototyping tools used by the analyst can be used to confirm if the requirements are effective. This can be done by either the measuring method or by using diagramming tools. By utilizing either of these methods, an output would be generated to measure the effectiveness of the enterprise-level system analysis.

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