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Argumentative Essay on Dog Fighting

Dog fighting is a sadistic practice that should be banned because of the many inhumane events that this practice entails. This practice entails breeding dogs specifically to make them fight. Such dogs are usually enclosed in small pits very early in their lives and, as they grow, are made to fight with other dogs to satisfy their owner’s gambling appetites. One of the main reasons why dog fighting should be illegal is because of the high level of suffering that these fights put the dog through. Given that the average dog fight lasts anywhere between one and two hours, the dogs that are participating in dog fights often suffer severe injuries that sometimes result in fatalities.

Unlike other animals that naturally flee when they sense they cannot win a fight, the dogs that participate in dog fights are trained not to run away but to continue fighting regardless of the amount of injuries they sustain. It is only when the gambling appetites of their owners have been satisfied that the dogs are allowed to stop fighting. One of the most commonly used dogs in dog fights are pit bulls, which have powerful jaws and given that they rarely let go once they bite, the victim dog could end up suffering severe injuries, broken bones, and may even die just so their owner can have a chance of winning a bet.

Some of the common injuries experienced by dogs that engage in dog fights include extreme blood loss, dehydration, extreme exhaustion, and even infections in the wounds they sustain. To make things even worse for these dogs, those that lose fights one too many times are often sacrificed for being weak and the same fate follows those dogs that are deemed old or those that do not fight as viciously as their owners expect them to.

The injuries suffered by dogs that engage in fights have raised concerns in many authorities and in many places; this form of sadist sport has been classified as an illegal sport. Some individuals have even faced felony charges in courts of law. However, this seems not to have stopped some individuals from continuing to breed dogs so they can reap benefits from dog fighting. Interestingly enough, illegalizing this sport seems to have turned into a fortune for those who own dogs that engage in these fights because of the massive profits they get from those who are willing to pay large amounts of money so they can watch the illegal fights. It appears the authorities still need to do much more to deter people from willingly participating in dog fights. The minor penalties and convictions given to those found to have participated in dog fighting is not doing much to discourage this sport. The profits the dog fighters receive from the fights make the punishment, according to them; seem like a drop in the ocean. Perhaps it is time more severe penalties were enforced.

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  3. Use facts and statistical data to support your arguments.

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