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9 Steps to Complete an Extended Essay that Meets All the Demands

At the end of studying, every undergraduate student should write a definite number of academic papers of various origin. Amongst them is an extended essay. One of the most remarkable requirements for this assignment is its length, which makes 4,000 words. It counts towards your future IB Diploma. Accordingly, you cannot skip this assignment if you wish to obtain it.

When a student composes an extended essay, he or she should conduct an independent in-depth research or investigation. The length of this academic assignment is terrifying. Nonetheless, it’s not that bad as you might think.

Firstly, you should realize that this is a simple essay. It is just larger than commonly. Secondly, you are free to select the topic you wish. This is solely your choice. Therefore, you will not be forced to write on boring or too complicated topics. Remember your previous experience and compose this essay just as many others who have already dealt with.

1. Choose a Topic Correctly

Depending on the discipline, you should choose a topic, which would be interesting to you. You have a huge advantage. You select the main theme on your own. See not to miss it! Choose something you enjoy.

While making the final decision on your topic, be picky and careful. Your topic is supposed to be interesting but not overused. It should not be too broad or too narrow. Find the middle ground. The too vast theme will involve many sub-questions that might be too difficult to cover. If choosing a too narrow topic, you might get stuck with lack of information and utterly problematic terms of evidence to analyze.

2. Learn All the Demands

It goes beyond all doubts that you are obliged to follow strict rules. The violation of any demand will cost you essential grades. Consequently, you should learn and memorize all demands to fulfill them correctly.

3. Prefer the Right Advisor

It’s important to choose a suitable advisor. It would be perfect if you find a person who shares your ideas and interests. If you have a lot in common, your academic supervisor will provide you with reasonable solutions to your main issue. Moreover, the right advisor will be constantly encouraging you showing the best way of reasoning, planning, and fulfilling your research.

4. Mind the Outline

You ought to be absolutely sure that your essay has a clear structure and flow. It should include the typical major sections – introduction, main body, and conclusion. Every section will require some special attention and heaps of energy. The best way to tackle these sections is to craft a proper outline.

Your outline is expected to contain every part of writing. In such a way, you will have a visualization of your steps. You will know how and when to undertake this or that stage. Some students recommend creating a temporary outline because there may take place some changes during the writing process.

5. Express Your Originality

Undoubtedly, you should illustrate the fullness of your creativity. You should have something original to say. Your style is restricted to the definite extent. Nonetheless, it’s compromise-free. Your supervisor will expect from you an authentic work. Therefore, everything is in your hands.

6. Write a Temporary Thesis

It’s recommended to create a temporary thesis, just like an outline. This is a very long essay, which requires lots of time and efforts. You may dramatically change your final opinion on the researched question at the end of the writing. Therefore, it would be wise to create the thesis statement for a definite period of time. Afterward, you can easily adjust it.

7. Write the Rough Draft

It’s essential to begin with a draft. It shouldn’t be perfect. Write it roughly to see the big picture and change it in the correct way afterward. Thus, you will avoid lots of mistakes.

8. Add All Necessary Elements

After you write the main parts, add the title page, abstract, contents page, and cited works. Mind that they should be added and written in strict accordance with the assigned format. Afterward, revise your research. Find all errors and drawbacks. Eliminate them or replace. This is when you’ll be done with this complicated extended assignment.

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