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Tips on Writing a Strong Personal Essay

If commenting on different essay types, one should definitely underline the issue of a personal essay. This is a free piece of writing where the author tells about his or her experience. Nonetheless, either narration or opinion style, the task is pretty complicated.

There are certain things that belong to this type of essays. These are as follows:

  • No search of official data is needed.
  • No in-depth research is required.
  • An author should write judging on his/her own experience and feelings.

With the regard to the mentioned above statements, the writing process will be rather specific. The common structure (the introduction, main plot, and conclusion) will be kept. Nonetheless, there are several prompts you should keep in your memory for good.

Our experts have collected the main guidelines to complete this specific piece of writing. In addition, you will learn some other smart tips. The sum of these recommendations and tips will help you craft a really impressive and correct personal essay.

Begin with Engaging Opening

Your introduction should be captivating and interesting. Use something unique and special. Write in a positive tone. You should get the attraction of your audience. Mind that your introductory part ought to present the fundamental question of your story. If you wish to write about your strongest trait, dwell upon this point and begin the story.

Write from Your Personal Experience

Commonly, all essays are dependent on the found information. Besides, it’s needed to stick to a definite writing style. Nonetheless, one of the most distinguished advantages of this particular assignment is the full freedom of thought. You have no restrictions on what to write about. This is up to you what events, personal traits or stories to reveal to your readers.

You will write from your own experience and can choose any theme. In comparison to other essay types, you can likewise use any style you wish. Accordingly, this is a tremendous possibility to impress your readers and your academic supervisor with the fullest power of your originality. Therefore, be unique and creative.

Stick to the Structure

Though you are free to choose the topic and style, you cannot ignore the standard structure. Firstly, introduce your readers what your main aim is. Provide them with the thesis statement and start telling your story.

Mind that you should describe the chosen topic from different angles. Don’t forget to mention all people or certain events that became the major influencers for your particular case. The real-life experience is supposed to flow smoothly. Write it naturally as if you were retelling it during a conversation with your friends.

Be Honest

One more essential point for this essay type is the truth. It should be authentic. Show your honesty and curiosity. Even if there are some events or personality traits you don’t really like, you are expected to reveal them. This is important because it makes your story full and real. Life isn’t perfect and there happen some misfortunes and black days.

Therefore, uncover the hidden truth whatever its origin might be. Though it might be uncomfortable to reveal something sacred to other people, your honesty will be appreciated. It will show that you had fully depicted your private story and did not hide anything. Accordingly, your work will bring you the desired high grades.

Useful Ideas

You can likewise take into your consideration some smaller elements, which will help write a good personal essay. While composing your paper, consider the “to do” and “not to do” things.

There are the next things you should do:

  • Focus on personal aspects.
  • Tell the truth.
  • Select topics relevant to readers.
  • Concentrate on positive concepts.
  • Use originality and your own style.
  • Use details.

You should not:

  • Be impersonal.
  • Repeat the same statements.
  • Tell lies.
  • Choose boring topics.

In the occasion, you still have no idea of how to compose this paper use samples. This is a dependable resource, which contains samples to understand this special essay better. Of course, you will receive only partial elements of a full paper. Nonetheless, you will get a better comprehension on how to fulfill each stage and section of your research.

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