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Tips on Writing a Strong Evaluation Essay

Many people are convinced that academic papers similar to evaluation essays are very complicated and difficult to understand. In fact, an evaluation essay is pretty simple to compose. All you have to do is to learn definite points that will help you complete this assignment properly.

This type of essays can be compared with a review. However, it is more specific and rather detailed. A review of a book, movie or article gives the explanations of why you prefer something or dislike it. In the meanwhile, an evaluation essay demands the list of all positive and negative aspects of the researched topic. In other words, you are to show the definite criteria or specify your preferences.

Accordingly, there seem to be no problems while performing this piece of academic writing. You simply express your own attitude towards the main idea of the research and provide explanations. Of course, you ought to pay close attention to the manner you write and the things you judge. There are several points, which will come you in handy.

Choose a Topic

Commonly, students are free to choose a topic they wish. If this is your case, you are extremely lucky. You have a nice opportunity to make the most beneficial combo in any academic piece of writing. You can choose a topic, which is interesting for both you and your audience.

Don’t forget that your judgment is based on a set of definite criteria. Therefore, you ought to know the subject properly. Choose a theme which would be easy and captivating to evaluate.

Compose Your Thesis

Your next step is to formulate your thesis statement. It is understood that a thesis is the strongest element of any research. It tells the readers what you are studying and the direction the conversation or discussion would go.

However, a thesis statement for an evaluation essay should be written with great caution. You should clearly express your intentions so that your readers could understand what criteria you have picked up. State the value or the lack of value. Say how you want to continue your research and select appropriate examples.

Choose the Evaluation Criteria

Another crucial point for this specific assignment is the choice of the evaluation criteria. It plays an utterly significant role. Consequently, you should learn all of them and pick up the most suitable and effective.

It is remarkable that you shouldn’t stick to a single evaluation principle. Your judgments should be clear enough. In the meanwhile, your research is supposed to ignite the pure interest in your readers. Make your paper more vivid. This can be gained using several evaluation criteria. However, don’t overdo! You cannot mess the things up. Know the middle ground.

You can choose your own criteria based on different methods. For instance, you may put to use the method of comparison and contrast; begin with your expectations before you undertook the topic and show your impressions in the end; provide an analysis based on visual, causal or social context; and other methods.

Get the Evidence

One more critical moment is to find the supporting evidence, which would prove your point of view. Depending on your topic, find as many facts and proofs as possible to sustain your main argument. For instance, you might be evaluating the services of a certain restaurant. Learn its menu, various conveniences, the quickness of service, attentiveness of waiters, professionalisms of the chef, and other criteria.

Afterward, give grades in accordance with your own criteria. Draw an honest conclusion concerning the visited restaurant and tell whether it has met your expectations or not. Be reasonable and straight to the point. Highlight all advantages as well as possible drawbacks.

Knowing all mentioned-above essentials, you may start writing your evaluation essay. However, you should not forget about the common elements of merely all essay types. You should follow the structure. It should contain the introduction, main body, and conclusion. Write the thesis statement at the end of the introductory section. Make the list of references, title, table of contents, and other things in accordance with the assigned style.

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