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The Solution of Human Freedom Essay

There are three main categories of philosophy concerning the level of human freedom: free will, determinism and compatibilism. All they give solution to the question how much freedom does a person have. However, each of them have their certain strength and weakness, so none of these position can be a singular solution.

Free will gives a solution, that states a possibility of any person to make an individual choice without the interference of any circumstances (Caouette). The strength of it is that according to this learning the person is independent from anybody or any occasions and that he or she has the ability and right to do any actions. It means, that person’s actions is only under his or her responsibility and that there is no participle from any superior forces. Determinism is a philosophy position, that asserts that human does not have any control of his fate and that it is determined only by the will of God (Hannan, and Lehrer 49-54). Its strength is that whatever mistake a human could do, it is explained as the God’s will, which takes off any responsibility for these actions.

Consequently, person should not worry about the rectitude of his or her actions, as they are providential by God. Compatibilism is a philosophy position, that permits the coexistence of free will and determinism (Hannan, and Lehrer 49-54). The strength of its position, that person could live according to his or her decision and at the same time to believe that their actions could be justified by the God’s will. From this state comes the conclusion, that person could do anything according to his or her decision, but it is important to remember that any action will be followed by the God.

However, there is a list of weaknesses of every category. The weakness of free will is that according to this position person might have too much freedom. Therefore, if person cannot realize rational borders of his or her freedom, any action, that harms other individual or is pernicious for the society, can be justified, as person has the absolute right to do whatever he or she wants. Talking about the determinism’s weakness, it can be said, that any fact in person’s life, no matter it is positive or negative, is validated upon the God’s will. Thereof comes the conclusion that human does not have any ability to change its life and that it is doomed to already written script of life. The only choice, that is left to person is to live humbly according to the Christian morality, as any efforts to change his or her life are senseless. The weakness of compatibilism is that according to its definition, the concept of freedom is abstract. Person thinks that he or she actions relatively to personal choice, but actually these actions are predetermined by the God. The conclusion of it is that its position becomes the same to the position of determinism and that even if person considers own moves as the own choice, there is no freedom in fact.

No matter which of these philosophical concepts the person holds, none of their solution of human freedom is perfect. It is difficult to find the rightest solution, so every person should choose it according to individual convictions and views. It is also important to find a compromise with people of different views to this question.

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Oct 7, 2013