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Essay on Sports Management

Example essay on Sports Management:
Gymnastics is a sporting event that does involve various performances that require a lot of physical strength, agility, coordination, balance and flexibility. There are various forms of gymnastics and these include the following; artistic gymnastics which is the best known form of gymnastics and is practiced by both men and women.

It is divided into both the men’s categories that involve activities such as floor exercise, sill rings, vault, parallel bars, high bar, pommel horse and the vault and the women’s categories involve competition in vault, balance beam and uneven bars although women have been known to adequately compete in all the men’s categories in countries such as Russia early in the 1950’s. Another type of gymnastic is the rhythmic gymnastic which is mainly for women and does involve a combination of various elements such as ballet, dance, gymnastics and even apparatus manipulation.

Dec 14, 2011