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Essay on Women and Men in the US

Example essay: Major issues facing women and men in the U.S. today
There are very many issues that are facing both men and women in the U.s today. The effects are far reaching although others do not have very significant outcomes. Gender disparity is mong the major issues that are known to affect people in the U.S. The population in the United States has been established to be having many women than men. However, this is not depicted in the public area. The Supreme Court for instance has a higher male population than women. The country? presidents from Regan to Obama have tried to eliminate this disparity by making special appointments of females judges into the Supreme Court.

Another issue that is facing men and women in the U.S is the one that pertains to abortion. Facts, information and statistics about abortion and pregnancy in the U.S place a lot of evidence on teens being the most affected. There have been increased cases of sexual assault, rape, prostitution and domestic violence. In one way or another, either a man or a woman is being victimized. In many occasions, it is women who fall victim due to the notion by the society that they are a weaker sex. There are facts, statistics and stories that surround abuse and survival together with the appropriate ways that can be adopted to reduce these forms of abuse. In all creations, all people seek for love and intimacy. Yet, it is becoming evident that neither of them is a certain thing. People are different; some seek for soothe and stability while others have the desire for excitement and experimentation. As humans, we may know one another, but it is also a fact that it takes two to tangle. Currently, the issues that pertain to women? reproductive rights and the diverse forms of contraception are widely and legally accessible to all women in the U.S.

Dec 12, 2011