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Research Proposal on Inhalants and Children

This paper contains a proposal on the research about the inhalants usage and its problem and how it affects children. The research question to be answered is why are children the most vulnerable group because they are the most affected by the usage of the inhalants? In many societies inhalants have been affecting the young children and not the old people in the society. There are many reasons as to why the children engage in the usage of the inhalants. These reasons can be defined through many ways. Inhalants are commonly used by the teens that later graduate and begin using other forms of hard drugs in the society. The reason is because they are readily available in the societies.

The research paper should be based on the analysis of different societies and why they engage in the usage of the inhalants. There are different numbers of products which are used at home and in the social settings which are commonly known as the inhalants. These products affect thinking capacities of the children and their social lives in the real sense. Most of the inhalants which are used today entail of products which are used on daily basis such as the paints, glue, fluid used for cooking, butane, gasoline, shoe polish and aerosols. These are the products which are readily found in the homes and which affect the social lives of the children. As a matter of fact, the children abuse the inhalants without the knowledge that these drugs have an effect in their lives.

The literature review should also be able to cover the predisposing factors which lead the young children to abuse the drugs. Some of the reasons why the young children engage in the usage of the drugs include the peer pressure in their homes, influence from parents who abuse other types of drugs and also stress. These factors should be covered in the research paper and also be analyzed in a sequential manner so as to enhance the education of the drug involvement by the young children. As a matter of fact, inhalant abuse has social, cultures and spiritual impact to the users. The users are generally the children and they are later affected in their lives. Therefore, the parents have the mandate to educate their children so as to prevent them from engaging in life threatening activities. It is also a matter of general concern to the rest of the society.

The specific position of the research should be geared towards helping the children to understand that drugs are not important part of their social lives. The paper should also contain measures which are meant to ensure that the children have been deterred from the usage of the drugs. Some of the measures which are mentioned include the ability to be educated by their parents at homes and both in their schools. Risk factors which lead the children to abuse the inhalants should also be mentioned in this section. This is because risk factors contribute a lot in affection of the social and the long term usage of the inhalants.

The conclusion part should contain the general summary of the paper in terms of the negative impact of the drug usage. It is a common knowledge that the usage of the inhalants affects the normal behavior of a person and also extends to their health. This should be taught to the children so as to prevent them from being engaged in the usage of the inhalants. Inhalant abuse can expose a person to several complications which include interference to ones social wellbeing. One loses family and friends as they begin to indulge into inhalant abuse. This should also be prevented so as to protect the children from using the drugs. To sum up, the position of the researcher on inhalant abuse should also be highlighted in this part.

In this section of the research paper, the literature review on the usage of the inhalants shall be analyzed in a deeper context. There are three subheadings which shall be covered in this section; one of the headings is the characteristics of the abusers, their dependency and the patterns in which the children use to abuse the inhalants in the society. In order to write this information several articles have been summarized to come up with a logical conclusion. This enhances the general view of the inhalant usage in the society. Most of the findings in the research paper will come to a logical conclusion that if inhalant usage has been tamed at an early stage, it can be prevented and this will ensure that there is a society which is free from the inhalant abuse and usage in the society.

There are many ways and patterns which are used by young children so as to get engaged in the usage of the inhalants. Some of the patterns include the usage of the inhalants in the social situations. These social situations include the peer influence between the ages of 6 to 14. Nevertheless, transient isolated use is another pattern which is used by the children who have a history in drug abuse. In particular, parents who have a history in the usage of drugs and tobacco, greatly influence the children to start using the inhalants. The teenage stage is the chronic stage where the children engage themselves in the usage of the inhalants. They should thus be prevented from using the drugs at an early stage because this leads to the exposure of more dangers.


There are many signs and symptoms which are often used to test whether a person uses an inhalant or not. Some of the characteristics which are portrayed by all the inhalant users include the foul smell caused by the usage of different chemicals. Secondly, this often affects the mouth and other critical body parts. Parents should also be careful when handling the cases of their children because signs such as loss of appetite, anxiety and development of stress are a sign that the children have engaged themselves deeper into the inhalant usage.

In summation, the dependency of the children to get the drugs should also be covered. Due to the basic fact that inhalants are found at home, they are often free. This is because children can have an easy access to them and thus use them without their parent’s knowledge. In addition, children often get the inhalants from their parents and their friends. Children should be deterred from the usage of the drugs so as to ensure that they are safe. This also answers the basic question why are the children the most vulnerable group. The reason is simple, they usually get the drugs freely.

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Dec 12, 2011