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Reflective Essay on American Literature

American literature is very rich in the past historical events that took place on this great continent.

Many of the past generations witnessed the turnout of events from the time the continent was not yet independent to the time it became a sovereign entity. There were so many battles that were fought to build this country. For instance, the long and great Civil War in America took place from 1861-1865. Struggles took place off the battle field, as well. African Americans and the American Indians had to fight for their rights to be recognized.

This is evident because there was no black national leader until recently when Obama was elected as the first African American president. American minority groups were deprived of their rights until in the 1960s when there was a federal registration enforcement of the Constitution that helped this group to have their rights protected. Many groups of Americans are responsible for writing American literature. The literature is valuable in letting generations know about their past and what their ancestors went through to build this great nation.

American literature consists of many themes within a wide range of genres. The various groups that have dwelt in American contribute highly to the rich literature that is preserved in written and oral literature. Patriotic songs have been sung for generations and they, too, help to keep the literature of American alive and vibrant. Children sit by their grandparents’ side to listen to songs and stories about earlier America and how it evolved into make a world power. During the early of the 20th century, America became the world’s greatest power because of its entrepreneurship. In addition, there were numerous immigrants coming to the country who provided cheap labor. Being so rich in natural resources, the country was able to acquire an adequate amount of raw materials domestically for its industries producing many manufactured goods that were utilized domestically as well as exported. This contributed greatly to the thriving America economy. Certainly, America has come far during the past 250 years and will continue to thrive.

American literature is studied worldwide because America is a global power. As such, it has much influence on the political, social and economic factors of other countries. American literature is everywhere: in books, on stage, in the movies, in the lyrics set to music. Many of the world’s favorite authors come from America, and their written literature reflects much about the history and culture of America. Libraries are great places to find literature by all the great American writers.

How to Write a Reflective Essay on American Literature:
The purpose of a reflective essay is for the writer to examine his own growth in some way, such as being a student in a course. Because of the nature of the essay, it is not necessary to develop a thesis statement. Furthermore, writing in the first person “I” is acceptable. The writer examines his goals and his progress in achieving those goals. In addition, he identifies and discusses his strengths and weaknesses. If his reflection centers on his progress as a student, for example, he can discuss what he knew before entering the course, what he has gained from his experience in the course, and what interests might guide his future studies because of his participation in that course. In addition, he can discuss how he has grown as a student through participating in that course. For example, he might have discovered what works best for him in studying or retaining information or developing or comprehending a concept. Finally, the writer does not simply tell the reader how he has grown as a student. Instead, he shows it by providing examples of what he did or explanations of his thought process. In conclusion, the writer reminds the reader of how he has grown as a student.

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It may be a serious challenge to write a good reflective essay. You need to cast your view back to find the necessary facts and synthesize them to craft a great piece. When you need to cover such complicated topics as American Literature, this task becomes even more challenging. That is why we have decided to write an essay sample you can see above.

It is crafted by one of the most prominent writers we have. His experience and knowledge can be fully trusted. Just check the structure and how he develops the plot as the story goes on. Try to copy his style and reflect on some of his tricks in your own reflective essay.

Mind that this is only a sample. It means it is copyrighted, and you cannot simply copy it and tell your teacher that it’s your work. It simply shows how to write this essay type on topics similar to American literature.

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