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Essay on Public Opinion

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Public opinion, which can be swayed by the manipulation of the media and to some degree by the President’s persuasion, greatly impacts the policies made by public officials. George Bush promised tax cuts if elected as President of the United States of America. He was able to convince the public that they should be able to spend their money rather than the government. According to the Gallup Poll of September 11-13, 2000 , 74% of the public was in favor of tax cuts. The media’s support of tax cuts was divided; therefore it was not as effective in swaying public opinion as when all media are united in their opinions. Even the Democratic leaders, who were generally against the tax cuts, were unable to prevent the tax cuts. This was due to Democratic leaders like Max Baucus, John Breaux, Blanche Lincoln, and Robert Torricelli who voted in favor of the tax cuts which was guided by the wishes of their constituents.

Policies made dealing with Afghanistan cannot be compared to typical policies made by our government officials. These polices are a result of terrorist attacks on America. Because of the nature of the attacks, most everyone agrees on the same policies, which are in the best interests of our country. The ability of President Bush to set specific goals and a unifying cause, has been a major affect in gathering the support of both the people and the media. The Gallup Poll shows that about 90% of the people are in favor of President Bush’s policies at this time . If public opinion should start to change, President Bush would probably reconsider his policies involving Afghanistan, as would any public official when trying to appeal to their constituents.

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