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How to Write an Informal Essay

Purpose of an Informal Essay
The purpose of an informal essay is mainly for entertainment and enjoyment. An information essay is written in a relaxed style, but still has a definite structure to it. When writing an information essay, you are free to express your opinion more openly than with a formal essay. Informal essays are used to write about personal experiences, controversies, news issues, etc. Unlike a formal essay, an informal essay has a conversational or amusing tone, to appeal to the reader’s sense of fascination. Informal essays are not necessarily politically correct because they are of a laid back nature.

Segments of an Informal Essay
Even though an essay is informal, it still needs to be written with an organized structure to it with the following segments:

  • The Purpose
  • The Title
  • The Body
  • The Conclusion

Even though this type of essay is informal, you still need a valid thesis statement that gives the reader an idea of the purpose of the essay. This would be the main idea of your topic.

Just like with a formal essay, your title is an important element of your essay. The title often lets a person know whether or not your essay is worth their time. Many people will read an essay just because of its title. The title should persuade the reader and let them know the main idea of the essay.

With an informal essay, you can use a few effective techniques for the body. For example, you can use the ‘compression’ technique. This stresses the important points of the essay to the reader. Another technique is ‘time inversion’. With this, you begin the essay by detailing the middle part of the story first and then go from there. Yet, another informal essay writing technique is called ‘withholding’, where you provoke questions from the readers but you do not give them the information. ‘Foreshadowing’ is another informal technique that uses a thriller connotation and remains unpredictable to the reader.

No matter what technique you use, the body of your essay gives the reader a full view of your essay topic. The body of the essay describes the main content of your story. The body should also contain all of the key points about the topic, and it is good for the essay to contain a paragraph on each key point.


As with any essay, the conclusion sums up all of the key points, the purpose, and the topic. In addition, all of this should tie back into your introduction and summarize the purpose of the essay. Also, with an informal essay, be sure that it still has structure even though it is written for pleasure purposes.

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May 15, 2013