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Argumentative Writing with Stylistic Devices

The fact that argumentative papers are actually the most difficult papers to write is very common. However, there are many things involved in writing such. On many occasions when you are putting up an argument, people are not buying what you are writing or saying just because it is the truth.

Readers usually tend to look at the beauty of what you are putting into words and how sophisticated and stylish it is. This is why you have to do everything possible to garnish your argumentative paper with numerous stylistic devices. There are many of them, but we will treat only 7 of the most popular ones.

Rhetorical question
This is actually one of the best stylistic devices you can attract attention to your argument with. It is the concept of asking questions for the simple sake of making an effect, and not because you need an answer. It is used to emphasize a thing that is already known, and it does the job of drawing attention or making the audience reflect over the mentioned issue. For example, “who will defend the poor if the government does not involve itself in it?”.

This is another great stylistic device. Here, you try to identify a word or phrase as a similar thing to something it does not have any relationship with. It is still a rhetorical tool used to draw attention to a particular situation. It simply highlights the similarities between the two, which may not be existent after all. An example of a metaphor is “orange is the new black”.

This is another great device you must form the habit of using here. You try to draw some parallel between parts of the same sentence. It involves using similar structure/construction in several clauses. This is mainly used to give a good pattern to the passage. An example is “what you do in the dark will be revealed, what you do in the open will be revealed”.

Irony is a good device that entails using an expression to give an opposite meaning. Here, what you say is exactly the opposite of what you mean. This is used to show some emphasis and actually bring some level of humor to your argumentative essay. For example, “I hate life because it is very sweet”.

Another very important device that is used in the course of argumentative essays. Here, you simply repeat words within the same poetic line or within the same sentence in no particular order. This has a way of making the sentence or even phrases very emphatic and also beautiful to read. Many people do not see this as a stylistic device or figure of speech, but that is actually what it is. For instance “what is worth doing is worth doing well”.

This is described as the concept of attributing the characteristics of human beings to animals and inanimate objects. You make it look as if they have human feelings and behavior. This will always make your narrative more lively and interesting. And that is what your argumentative essay needs to make it less official-like and more reader-friendly. An example is “The proofs hang over this statement to crash it when the time comes”.

This is the stylistic device for argumentative writing that is also known as deliberate exaggeration. It is seldom used, and it simply means the use of highly exaggerated terms to draw emphasis and attention to your message. An example is “The room was seemingly capable of holding millions of people”.

So, all in all if you are good at argumentative paper writing without these stylistic devices, it’s certainly more than great. But, in case you are eager to emphasize the message and strengthen your persuasion, these are the tools you must use. Make your academic writing more efficient with the means of stylistics.

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Sep 23, 2015