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How to Write a Management Case Study

There are defined steps that must be followed when you are writing a Management case study. The main components will be the facts of the case and your personal response to it from various points of view.

You as the candidate must choose your own topic. Candidates are advised to discuss their proposed topic within their own organization coordinate any privacy or confidentiality questions.
The topic must be somehow related to the organization and their business, where they have actively demonstrated their leadership skills.
It is important for your management case study to demonstrate the correlation between practice and theory.

Undertaking the Study
Management Case Study Proposal
The proposal to your management case study should include an outline of the proposed paper: point out specific objectives, rationalize your undertaking it, your methodology and supposed outcome.
The proposal should be no longer than 1,000 words.

Writing your Management Case Study
The written case study should consider the following:

What is the reason for presenting the topic?
Ensure you give this answer within its context and convey the meaning of how important resolving the problem is.
How did you determine the course of action, understand, get agreement to and implement the course of action/response to the problem, communicate, and how effective was the outcome?
What did you learn from this problem solving action – about organization, people, management, managing change, systems, etc.? Be sure to share your views illustrated and supported by the facts of the case.

What kind of research did you perform?
How did you go about examining and resolving the problem. Give clear and specific detail of how you managed it to conclusion/resolution?
What kind of knowledge or skills have you developed through research?
It is obvious that in this section you are intended to relate your personal experience. Be sure to support what points you state with examples that prove your experience, skills development and knowledge.

The structuring of your management case study
Obviously. How you present your paper is vital. The complete management case study should be around 2,500 to 3,000 words (excluding references). It must be appropriately referenced to relevant literature. Be sure to use the correct format style such as Harvard or any other you are instructed to use.

You must include a signed statement that the work submitted is your own and has not been submitted for any previous assessment.

The written Management case study will be submitted with the appropriate Cover Sheet that includes the Candidate’s name, email address, Preceptor’s name and title of the paper.

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Jul 29, 2013