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How to Write a Good Literature Review Paper

A literature review can differ from other assignments, but it is basically a review, which defines the rationale and the preface regarding the primary research. It is essential that a literature review be included since it is mandatory in a research paper. The basic objective is to examine, while being very critical, a part of a published source from its classification, summary, and assessment by using previous research studies, theoretical studies, and assessment of literature.

Meanwhile, while writing the introduction, the scholar needs to define the main topic, the problem or the area or concern, which would give the necessary background for a literature review. The student needs to mention the basic trends which have been written about the topic; or evidence, methodology, conflicts in theory, and conclusions; or scholarship and gaps in research; or different view of immediate interest, or a unique problem. Moreover, the writer’s opinion and point of view needs to be established, the scope, the sequence, and the criterion for analyzing the literature needs to be mentioned.

Once you move to the body, you need to combine research articles and different sorts of literature such as case studies, theoretical articles, and reviews, which should all have common factors, such as objectives, author’s conclusions, quantitative versus qualitative approach etc.

The writer should summarize all the individual articles, and components, which may include small or large amounts of details, depending on merit. Keep in mind that the length of writing signifies its importance. You need to give the reader well balanced information, and structure in the beginning, body, and conclusion so that there is sufficient comprehension of the knowledge provided.

While drafting the conclusion, sum up the main contributions of the important studies, and incorporate them into the main body of the thesis draft, while making sure that the focus and theme created in the beginning of the dissertation is maintained in the writing of the draft. You then need to analyze the existing “state of the art” regarding the body of information, which has been reviewed. Pick out the main methodological gaps, or errors, while carrying out the research, irregularities in the findings and in theory, and issues and areas which are essential for future study.

Conclude the paper by giving some of ideas of the link between the main essence of the literature review and the superior area of study, for example, the profession, scientific endeavor and the discipline. The student needs to make sure that the main elements of the topic are covered, and that the thesis statement is relevant to the text written in the draft.

Moreover, there needs to be sufficient attention given to the minor concerns such as good grammar free of mistakes, and correct sentence structure. Also, complete the paper well before the deadline so that there is sufficient time to proofread the paper and make sure that it is in a perfect condition before it is submitted.

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Sep 30, 2013