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Essay on Homosexual Relationships

Homosexual relationships are romantic connections between two people of the same gender. These connections cover all cases of gays and lesbians. These relationships are not based on the willingness to procreate or nature moral values, but rather on the desire to fulfill the passions of the persons involved.

Through the forums supported by human rights groups, many homosexuals have come in the limelight demanding legal recognition for their sexual orientations. James Skillen is one of such activists. He observes that governments should play passive roles when it comes to the issues of marriage.

Instead, Skillen suggests that the government should learn to accommodate the “constantly changing definition of marriage” to make provisions for homosexual marriages (Skillen, 1). A similar observation was made by Ellie Schaack in his article “Gay Marriage is a Right”. Schaack points out that the right to marry is explicit and dependent on one’s unique attributes (Schaack, 1). Unfortunately, many countries are continually legalizing homosexuality.

For instance, a US court was reported to have delivered a judgment forcing the federal government to amend laws to recognize gay marriages (Hurley, 2).

Sexual desires should be used to set up family units under which social values and cultural norms get passed from one generation to another. The future of any society depends on the ability of the current generation to procreate and sustain values traditionally associated with that society.

Family is the fundamental unit of the society and is, therefore, important for the formation of the society. Sex should serve as a tool for sustaining romantic relationships that result from marriage and formation of the family. Homosexuality does not reflect social welfare, but rather individualism.

Instead of introducing legal provisions to promote homosexuality, the society should seek to help those in the practice so that they can relate to their healthy sexual desires. This is possible through medicine and psychological treatment.

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