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Essay: Internal Controls in SAP

Credit limit check (static) – the credit exposure for the customer may not exceed the set limits for credit. The exposure of Credit is the aggregate value of all the items.

Credit limit check (Dynamic) – this checks all the value of the document based on the horizon period. To open the order value involves all the undelivered orders. The calculation of the value occurs on the date of shipping, and is kept in a data structure for a specified period of time. To define the credit check, a certain future horizon date is specified: it could be 10 days or two months depending on the specified periods.

The credit limit check can be applied at any time within the service to offer information about the customer’s credit status. It can be accessed automatically and manually. The system is designed to check the planned costs without tax.

Validity checks are the implementation guide in the individual financial statement data. They are assigned to particular groups. With validity checks, you can check individual statements immediately after input and individual companies can also be checked.

The system as an application control detects when something goes wrong. It contains zip codes which it compares to cities and states. It is from this internal control that it obtains the information to detect incorrect entries and this is a validity check.

With an active validation check, SAP SNC adapts to the order of work in these cases: when the customer alters the order of purchase to SAP SNC, or the user has saved the work order with altered or current (new) deliveries on the user interface.

Batch number invalid- this validation check becomes relevant when the user decides to have the batches tracked and their usage in the work order collaboration. The supplier sends confirmations to SAP SNC through xml messages.

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Oct 29, 2013