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Early Mobilization Following a Stroke Essay

Issue of mobilization of patients especially those with stroke illness has been a major problem in most hospitals across the globe. The reasons attached to the said lateness have never been set, but concerns have been drawn on the same to establish the contagious situation. Lateness in mobilization sweeps out all the possible benefits if early measures were not put in place. In my essay am going to discuss the possible reasons that drive most clinicians not to take early measure upon stroke patients. The paper focuses on the challenges that face the clinicians in their professional duty and their interaction with the stroke patients (Adler & Malone, 2012).

Clinical care is very vital to any patient seeking assistance from a center or a personal physician. The service by the professional might be useful or not helpful depending on the urgency and availability of the same. Early mobilization of patients improves the safety of patients during treatment, but this can be dangerous especially for stroke patients. This is because these patients when under medication care normally have safety machines, which when removed during mobilizing patients may cause harm (Adler & Malone, 2012). Stroke patients, however, are victims of late attention. This is because these patients undergo varied conditions of sickness and treatment thereof.

The outstanding records show very high rates of lateness in the mobilization of stroke patients. This comes out because most of the patients take much longer recovery time than the expected and get neglected due to the negative mentality by the clinicians towards them. Treatment of the disease may require large cash, which may lead to seclusion of the low achievers due to limited cash dispensation. The little intervention towards the said patients by the governing forces has led to the reluctance of the counterpart in caring for the subjects. Due to all these factors, stroke patients end up finding themselves in a situation of late treatment hence the increased incidences of death among the stroke patients.

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